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HBO Promo: The Fight Game With Jim Lampley

Starting May 12th, HBO will air a boxing show featuring World Championship Boxing play-by-play commentator Jim Lampley. It seems that this show will be some sort of mix of interviews, current news, and general commentary. Basically, this show is what I hate the most out of Lampley, when he tries to force his opinions on the audience. Instead of trying to come up with a coherent message about this 30-second video, let's just do a running commentary.

  • Jim Lampley really does have a separate interview voice
  • I am disappointed by the lack of tortoise shell glasses on Jim Lampley. The straight black hipster glasses do nothing for me
  • I have no idea what ‘boxing is the most emotionally accessible sport' means. Nothing says ‘willing to bare my soul' like punching a guy in the face.
  • The next couple of phrases do not make me want to watch the show because I think I already know the answers. Spoiler alert: Mayweather's best punch by far is the straight right. Sergio Martinez has gotten better later in his career because he started boxing at age 20. If Manny Pacquiao fights his normal fight, he will easily beat Timothy Bradley.
  • Lampley is going to try and make this show as up-to-the-minute as possible. Not like anyone could get that news from the BLH or anything.
  • Lampley: Life is in some ways a fight. Life is like a strained analogy; it takes time to get it and you croak when you do.

I think I mentioned it in another post about this show, but this kind of studio show just makes me miss Scott's BLH radio shows. I know it was a ton of work for Scott, but it was very very good. I'm not going to try to get a gang to make Scott do it again, but I do want to acknowledge his good work in the past and let him know that the community appreciated his work.

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