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Berto vs Ortiz II: Press Conference Highlights And Interviews

After a spectacular first fight, it seems that Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto are ready for round two. Of course this fight was supposed to happen earlier in the year, but Berto tore his bicep in a strange training accident leading to a long delay. The video up top contains the highlights from today's press conference and a couple of one-on-one interviews with each of the fighters. This is definitely a must see video just for the part where Oscar De La Hoya starts lauding Victor Ortiz. First Oscar starts by saying that Ortiz was from "Garden City, Kansas City." Then he says that Ortiz loves it when his back is against the wall, which is clearly false. I don't think that Ortiz liked it when Maidana started to hit Ortiz with flush shots or when Floyd was landing shots at will.

Ortiz, like Oscar, is also a bit awkward when he takes the podium. He makes a joke about the warm weather and then proceeds to try to give off an aura of confidence. I think this fight is going to be closer than the first fight mostly because Berto is not going to be surprised by Ortiz's enormous frame.

A smarter Berto will try to use his speed a bit more and might also try to avoid fighting in a phone booth. However, Berto likes to brawl and he isn't going to develop into a defensive genius anytime soon. I expect Ortiz to land some bombs on Berto once again, the real question is how is Berto going to take them? He seemed to go down quite easily in the first fight, will that happen in the second bout as well? I guess we will all have to wait till June 23rd to find out the answers.

Also, there will be a 3 episode Fight Camp 360 that will start on June 13th to accompany this fight according to The Ring.

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