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Mayweather vs Cotto 24/7: Full Episode One (Video)

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Miguel Cotto are gearing up to meet in Las Vegas on May 5, live on HBO pay-per-view, and the 24/7 countdown kicked off this past Saturday night on HBO. Here's the full episode in case you missed it, or just want to watch it again:

I actually have not yet watched the show, but figure I will tomorrow at some point, if I find the time. I won't lie and say I'm dying to see this "24/7" -- I'm not. I know their stories and the most interesting thing from the Cotto camp trailer to me was Miguel's dogs. Also, his wife wearing curtains. Or not wearing curtains???

Honestly, outside of Cotto-Margarito, which I thought was phenomenal, I haven't watched "24/7" "on time" in a while now. I usually catch up the week of the fight and just absorb it all at once. Mayweather-Ortiz was mediocre and Pacquiao-Marquez was awfully dull. I'm kind of interested in the series for Pacquiao-Bradley because I'm hoping they slant toward the Bradley side -- not because I'm rooting for him or whatever, just because I know all about Manny and his camps by now, so let's see someone new.

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