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Mayweather vs Cotto Video: HBO Ring Life With Miguel Cotto

With "24/7" underway and the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Miguel Cotto fight just two weeks away, here's another look at the Puerto Rican star who will be defending his WBA junior middleweight title on May 5 in Las Vegas, via HBO's Ring Life:

As usual, much of this revolves around Antonio Margarito, who at this point is mostly famous for a handful of things that aren't flattering, and has had every previous moment of his career all but wiped out, it seems.

"I showed Antonio a picture during an interview. He could not explain to me why the wrap was torn or how come it was torn. If there is no logical explanation, I would conclude that there was foul play. ... Margarito took a lot of things from me. Trust, confidence and other things that made me the boxer I was. He took them away from me but with this past victory against Margarito in December, those qualities have come back to me and I feel renewed."

Mayweather vs Cotto Coverage
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Pedro Diaz:

"He felt very confident about his preparation on the ringside. One person alone can't make someone become a champion. There's an amazing team around Cotto and everyone collaborates."


"He was the one who planned the strategy. He was the one who showed it to me and helped me execute it. He is the author of what happened on December 3rd. ... Being a fighter is the only thing I have chosen to do in life. Everything I have is because of boxing. Because of it I can provide stability and a future for my family. Boxing is everything in my life."

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