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WBA Sets Purse Bid For Potential Celestino Caballero and Mikey Garcia Bout On May 3rd

Will Mikey Garcia step up to face Celestino Caballero? (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Will Mikey Garcia step up to face Celestino Caballero? (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It seems that the WBA is trying to set up a featherweight clash between Celestino Caballero and Miguel "Mikey" Garcia. Mikey is the youngest brother our of the fighting Garcia clan which includes trainer of the year Robert Garcia and trainer of Victor Ortiz, Daniel Garcia. Garcia is a Top Rank fighter while Caballero is a Lou DiBella fighter, making this a possible matchup. However, Top Rank fighters Juan Manuel Lopez and Yuriorkis Gamboa avoided Caballero like the plague, so I'm not so sure that Top Rank will pull the trigger with Mikey Garcia.

First off let me say that I hope this bout actually happens. I see this fight as a really interesting style matchup. Caballero is a tall, powerful fighter that seems to have mental issues that were evident against Jason Litzau. Mikey Garcia is an extremely talented boxer whose heart might not be totally into boxing. So there is not only an interesting style matchup between a slick boxer and a rangy boxer, but also two fighters who seem to have mental issues inside the ring as well.

I really don't have a good feeling who would win this fight. Caballero has had bad losses against Jason Litzau and Jorge Victor Barros, but on the other hand Caballero has show flashes of brilliance. Mikey Garcia is a bit of unknown quantity since he has not faced the highest level of competition, but in his recent fights he has looked very good, especially against Bernabe Concepcion.

I really want this fight to happen but I can see Arum balking at this fight. He can set up a good fight between Mikey Garcia and Juan Manuel Lopez, so why risk that fight with a potential loss against Caballero? Arum can most likely get the Lopez-Garcia fight on HBO, so why give Caballero the time of day? Also Garcia does not have any connection to the WBA so the belt might not be a big motivator. Anyways, would you be interested in a potential fight between Garcia and Caballero?

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