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Mayweather: An Inside Look at Floyd's Limited Edition Magazine

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


Floyd Mayweather has expanded his horizons with the release of his MYMAG magazine, simply titled "Mayweather," and available in a limited-edition release of 2,500 copies. We talked about the magazine before, and Waldo was skeptical about its usefulness and relevance, and I sort of was, too, but I decided it was something I had to see. The folks at MYMAG were nice enough to give us an inside look at the magazine, which we'll now share with you.

If you could boil down the idea of the magazine to one thing, I guess I'd call it a glossy print version of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." If this does not appeal to you, well, then what can I say? The magazine is not for you if that is the case, and with its $25 price tag, clearly this is intended for the folks who say, "Floyd Mayweather is my favorite fighter." Which is to be expected, of course. Why else would you go in for something like this?

That said, if you're a collector and a Mayweather fan, $25 seems a pretty fair price for a limited edition run of a souvenir like this one. That's what you'd pay for the Senchenko vs Malignaggi fight on Sunday, except this will last forever and isn't a Senchenko vs Malignaggi fight.

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This series of photos intrigues me. Mayweather laughs in his home theater, then he gets serious and is caught in a moment of pointing/explaining, and then he has to take a phone call. All while he lounges in a robe and his socks. I never understand wearing socks at home, but then I am kind of a modern hippy in my own modern midwest redneck sort of way, the sort of way where you don't really go enjoy nature because you're too busy writing about Mayweather magazines on the internet and listening to Dr. John and Tanya Tucker albums on Spotify.

Most interesting is the display of junk foods in their beautiful jars behind him. Gumballs, what appear to be fun-sized candy bars, and pretzels. A man's big boy mansion will always have hallmarks of the crap he would have wanted to have when he was 10 years old, I suspect. That's why us poor folks have "man caves" -- somewhere along the way we decided that not all childish things needed to be left behind, particularly if you have an extra room that nobody's doing anything with, or, y'know, a home theater.

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This is just one of those "fashion shoot" sort of shots -- nothing special, Floyd showing off his smile with mirror trickery giving you so many angles in a single photograph. I mean, look, you can see EVERY SIDE of his head! Remarkable!

I can totally see the appeal of this magazine, and I'm not saying that because the MYMAG people gave us this press material and it's fun to have, or because it will drive hits, or whatever. I have a "Sopranos" coffee table magazine that I've kept for years. I have "Born to Run: The Unseen Photos." I can't find any difference in owning those things if you're a big fan of "The Sopranos" or Springsteen, or owning this if you're a big fan of Floyd Mayweather.

The magazine ships on May 1 and can be ordered now at For full coverage of Mayweather's May 5 fight with Miguel Cotto, just click here.

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