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Khan vs Peterson II: Freddie Roach Outlines His Gameplan For Amir Khan Against Lamont Peterson

The mental state of Amir Khan will determine the outcome of his next fight.  (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
The mental state of Amir Khan will determine the outcome of his next fight. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Freddie Roach has had a tough couple of months with poor performances coming from Manny Pacquiao, Jorge Linares, and Amir Khan. Now he is broadcasting to BoxingScene his gameplan for Amir Khan ahead of his May 19th matchup with Lamont Peterson.

"The biggest thing is to keep the fight in the middle of the ring and not lay on the ropes. If he lays on the ropes, Peterson can bang on the body really hard and then he can come on top. Laying on the ropes, that might work in the amateurs, but it doesn't work in professional boxing," Roach told

"We're going to be boxing a lot smarter in the center of the ring. And when he comes in with his head low - instead of pushing him off we'll catch him coming in with the uppercuts and hooks. I have a good strategy worked out for Amir and if we follow it I think we'll be good. I think Amir will be too much for him in this fight and I really look forward to this rematch."

I guess Freddie really doesn't want Amir Khan to lay on the ropes, which may be the most obvious strategy on the face of the Earth. Also, I have no idea whether or not Khan is talented enough to tag Lamont Peterson on the way in. I think Amir Khan is good enough to outbox Lamont Peterson by sticking to the outside and landing combinations.

Yet, he I'm not sure if he has the discipline to implement that strategy for the entire twelve rounds. We've seen Khan have mental issues against Marcos Maidana and against Lamont Peterson. For some reason he likes to go toe to toe with some of these fighters. If Freddie can break that habit, Khan will easily win this fight. But habits are hard to break. Do you think Khan will be a different fighter or will he show his bad habits in this rematch?

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