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Tarver vs Kayode: 'Four Warned' Fight Poster For June 2 Showtime Card

Of all the stupid fight titles in boxing history, "Four Warned" is one of them. I'd say it's the worst, but it probably isn't.

Anyway, that's the title four (ha!!!!!!!) the June 2 Showtime card from Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., a quadrupleheader featuring Antonio Tarver in the main event against Lateef Kayode, plus Winky Wright's return against Peter Quillin, Austin Trout vs Delvin Rodriguez, and Leo Santa Cruz's Showtime debut and first major title shot against Vusi Malinga.

Here's the poster:


It's a nice card overall, quantity over quality, I suppose, but I'm a man who loves his four-fight cards to the point that I really never mind paying for any pay-per-view, no matter how marginal, because a full night of boxing is preferable to these stupid ass one- and two-fight cards we've been given for years now.

With premium cable calling its own shots on time slots (far more than ESPN or network, anyway), you'd hope Showtime and HBO would do more of these, but they don't. There has been talk that Showtime wants to make their Saturday night shows more like this going into the future, with three/four fight shows. I pray that's not just talk, because I absolutely love that idea.

I also like that as the night progresses, the fighters will get bigger by fight. I think that's just plain, good old-fashioned fun.

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