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Viloria vs Romero Undercard Results: Rodel Mayol Routs Pingo Miranda

Rodel Mayol (L) outworked and outfought Julio Cesar Miranda tonight in Pasig City, Philippines. (Photo by <a href="" target="new"> Secuya</a>)
Rodel Mayol (L) outworked and outfought Julio Cesar Miranda tonight in Pasig City, Philippines. (Photo by Secuya)

Rodel Mayol put in the best performance of his career tonight in the Philippines against Julio Cesar "Pingo" Miranda, scoring three knockdowns en route to a one-sided decision win. Mayol won on scores of 100-87, 99-88, and 97-91. Bad Left Hook scored it 98-89 for Mayol.

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Mayol (31-5-2, 22 KO) floored Miranda in rounds one, two, and five, and after looking like he might have some conditioning issues early, started boxing better and wasting less motion, reeling it in and just plain out-fighting Miranda (37-7-1, 29 KO) over the remainder of the fight.

Mayol, 30, didn't display his notorious willingness to get dirty, either, but perhaps because he didn't need to. The 31-year-old Miranda was double tough and hung in for the fight, but was never in any danger of winning. This one was fought at super flyweight, but Mayol could move back to 112 and land a title shot easily. For Miranda, it's a pretty big setback, but I'm loathe to totally count him out of contention in the future.

More undercard results after the jump, and the main event is coming next, so join the live thread.

Robert Udtuhan D-12 Alvin Makiling: The PPV broadcast joined this fight in the ninth round, with Makiling bleeding from his head all over the damned joint. It wound up a majority draw, two of the cards at 113-113, and I missed the third. What I saw was decent. Udtuhan 17-1-2 (13), Makiling 9-4-2 (2).

Gabutan Singwancha W-12 Dado Cabintoy: I have to assume this was unanimous decision, because it should have been and Gabutan was the favorite, but the sound hilarious cut off right after "SCORED THE BOUT" and came back at "FOR THE WINNER." Gabutan doesn't look like some emerging bantamweight or anything, but this fight was OK. Cabintoy was most fun in the final round, when he finally dropped all pretense and dropped his hand and threw bar fight punches. Gabutan 18-1-2 (8), Cabintoy 9-3-2 (4).

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