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Boxing Results Roundup: Escobedo Moves Toward Broner, Alekseev Escapes With Draw, Team Snooki Returns

Patrick Hyland of Team Snooki boxing won again on Saturday night in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (Photo by Amy Wiley Photography)
Patrick Hyland of Team Snooki boxing won again on Saturday night in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (Photo by Amy Wiley Photography)
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Woodland, California

Vicente Escobedo UD-10 Juan Ruiz: This is the win that the 30-year-old Escobedo needed, more or less, taking the W on scores of 100-90, 100-90, and 99-91 against overmatched, short Ruiz, who is tough but not a whole lot more than that. This sets up Escobedo for a July 21 shot at Adrien Broner in Cincinnati, which will headline HBO Boxing After Dark. Escobedo 26-3 (15), Ruiz 23-10 (7).

Goeppingen, Germany

Alexander Alekseev D-12 Firat Arslan: I heard the result before I watched the fight, and after seeing the fight, I believe that Alekseev was damn lucky to get out with a draw. Arslan, 41, turned back the clock a little bit in this one, surviving a decent early start from the European champ and battling his way through all 12 in this one. If anyone won, I thought it was Arslan. Alekseev just wasn't "right" in this one, but that's not totally shocking. He's been inconsistent in his career, looking really good some fights and really mediocre in others. Alekseev 23-2-1 (20), Arslan 32-5-2 (21).

Rakhim Chakhkiev TKO-6 Zack Page: Chakhkiev still isn't taking any major challenges, but Page is among the best sub-.500 fighters in the world, and stopping him is nothing to sneeze at. It is worth noting that Page is a (small) heavyweight by trade, so he did have to take off some weight here. This makes two straight where Chakhkiev's opponents either came down (Page) or went up and were shot and shouldn't have been there in the first goddamn place (Jaidon Codrington). Chakhkiev is 29. It's time to do something more than this, in my opinion. Chakhkiev 14-0 (11), Page 21-39-2 (7).

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Pasig City, Philippines
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Sheffield, England
Galahad TKO-9 Wale

Goeppingen, Germany (cont.)

Juan Carlos Gomez PTS-8 Maksym Pedyura: Gomez fights again! Wins again! Faces shoddy opposition again! Remains effectively irrelevant! This is no longer a world where one must pay much attention to the 38-year-old Gomez. He's still a professional fighter, but that's literally all he is. He fights for money. More than your Shane Mosleys of the world, Gomez is the true "show up for a paycheck" guy. People don't often call this type of fighter a paycheck fighter, because the pay isn't that lucrative, but a job's a job. Gomez 51-3 (38), Medyura 14-6-1 (11).

Goekalp Oezekler SD-12 Mouez Fhima: Oezekler is some kind of local hero or the like, apparently. Fhima is from Tunisia but now lives in France. In his last four fights, Fhima has fought for the WBC Mediterranean title, the WBC Latino title, and the IBF international title. Oezekler 13-1 (6), Fhima 21-2-1 (8).

Cordoba, Argentina

Juan Carlos Reveco UD-12 Karim Guerfi: A predictable win for Reveco, the 28-year-old former interim WBA junior flyweight titleholder who is now content as the interim WBA flyweight titleholder. Guerfi, another Frenchman (it was a big week for France!), had faced very, very limited opposition, which made his 18-0 record perfect for a shot at THE interim flyweight titlist of the WBA. Scores were 116-112, 116-112, 115-112. Reveco 28-1 (16), Guerfi 18-1 (4).

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Logan McGuinness TKO-2 Meacher Major: McGuinness has received some hype, as his press people are good at their jobs (I actually mean that, snide as it sounds), and he has made the jump from easy opponents to "guys who might could possibly do something" pretty well. Now it might be time for him to face an actual pretty good fighter. I also mean that, snide as that sounds. If he tests himself and fails, well, the Hershey Centre will always be there. McGuinness 17-0-1 (9), Major 20-5-1 (17).

Samuel Vargas TKO-3 Arvydas Trizno: Vargas, a Colombian-born import to Ontario, continues his winning ways, but this was just a stay-busy sort of fight, not a test. Vargas 11-0-1 (5), Trizno 14-19-2 (1).

Polanco, Mexico

Mariana Juarez SD-10 Arely Mucino: I don't know a damn thing about women's boxing and I don't pretend that I do, but this was a big fight. Some odd scores: 98-90 and 96-91 for Juarez, and 95-94 for Mucino. Juarez 34-5-3 (16), Mucino 15-2-1 (8).

Abdiel Ramirez TKO-10 Saul Carreon: Ramirez is a lightweight prospect with a big KO percentage so far, and this win puts the WBC Silver belt on him. Ramirez 14-0-1 (13), Carreon 19-5-1 (12).

Salvador Sanchez II KO-8 Juan Jose Beltran: Sal II sure as hell isn't Sal I, but he exists, and he's on an 11-fight win streak right now. I can't stress enough that Sanchez really isn't very good. Sanchez 30-4-3 (18), Beltran 27-19-3 (18).

Poughkeepsie, New York

(Photo by Amy Wiley Photography)

Patrick Hyland TKO-4 Frankie Archuleta: Team Snooki boxing returned with this card, headlined by the best of the Hyland brothers against faded veteran Archuleta, who has frankly looked like he didn't want to be in the ring the last few times I've seen him. It will genuinely surprise me if any of the Hylands turn out to be genuine players, but if one does, it will be Patrick, now 28. This was Archuleta's third straight loss, all by stoppage, and is really his fifth straight (all by stoppage) if you don't bother with the two wins he had over sub-.500 opponents. Hyland 26-0 (12), Archuleta 27-10-1 (14).

Other Results: Josh Williams UD-6 Bryant Pappas ... Chazz McDowell MD-6 Yuniel Ramos ...Natasha Spence TKO-3 Racquel Bailey ... Valdrin Muriqi UD-4 Philip Burnette.

Newton Township, Pennsylvania

Ray Robinson TKO-2 Terrance Cauthen: This Ray Robinson is even less like the famous one than Sal Sanchez II, but what I do like about Robinson is that he didn't really let back-to-back losses in 2009-10 get to him, and he's come back with three straight wins. Hopes of a future world championship are probably dashed, but there's more than that to gain from boxing. Cauthen is now 1-for-3 showing up for fights he's been linked to this year. Robinson 14-2 (6), Cauthen 36-8 (9).

Penuelas, Puerto Rico


Jorge Maysonet Jr TKO-1 Gabriel Diaz: Maysonet, 22, is a junior welterweight prospect with some hopes. This was the first time he'd faced a guy with over two wins in the pro ranks, and he floored Diaz three times en route to a stoppage at just 1:26 of the opening round. Not bad. Maysonet 7-0 (6), Diaz 5-7-1 (1).

Samuel Santana SD-6 Joshua Santiago: In this one, the prospect faltered, as Santiago lost his "0" in an upset. Santiago complained after that a knockdown ruled against him was a slip, and a slip ruled against Santana was a knockdown, but also said he'd accept defeat and move forward. That's about all he can do. Santana remarked, "I told everybody that Joshua's pro debut was tonight and I welcome him." Santiago 7-1 (6), Santana 5-6-2 (0).

Other Results: Keith Tapia UD-6 Juan Carlos Robles ... Miguel Marrero TKO-2 Angel Lopez ... Luis Rivera MD-4 Jose Torres ... Victor Galindo TKO-1 Alberto Gonzalez.

Temecula, California

Tony Harrison TKO-2 Ishwar Amador: Harrison is an emerging young talent from the Kronk Gym, with some good hype behind him, and seems to be the gym's No. 1 project going forward right now. He made it 7-for-7 with this win, and reportedly looked good. Harrison 7-0 (7), Amador 11-10 (7).

Jacob Bonas KO-2 Kai Zama: Emanuel Steward calls Bonas one of his best young prospects, so there's a name to put in the bank. Bonas is just 18, from Bellville, Michigan. Bonas' pro debut didn't go great in March, as his fight ended in a technical draw due to a headbutt cut. Bonas 1-0-1 (1), Zama 5-5 (3).

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