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Pacquiao vs Bradley 24/7 Video: First Look at Timothy Bradley

A couple of days ago we took our first look at the Manny Pacquiao side of the upcoming HBO 24/7 series, dedicated to Pacquiao's June 9 fight with Timothy Bradley, and now, here's a look at the Bradley camp.

I honestly did find this quote interesting:

"I think the fans see me -- something a little bit different. As opposed to most people going away to camp, you know, going up to Big Bear or going up in the high mountains for two months at a time, leaving their families. Well I'm here with my family. I've done this my whole career and it's worked. If it ain't broke, why fix it?"

I'm starting to wonder if Tim Bradley's charisma hasn't been overlooked. I mean, I guess it's not his fault, or ours, for thinking he didn't have a personality. He had no outlet. He was Just a Fighter for years on Showtime and then a couple of times on HBO. Honestly, he's a pretty laid-back, cool dude. Seems smart, likeable. I think he might have some semblance of star quality, even.

Of course, the first step to becoming a star is proving greatness, at least for most guys. Not everyone has red hair or a famous dad. Floyd Mayweather became a star because he stood out on the early editions of 24/7, but he got there because he won his fights. He maintains the position because he keeps winning. Manny Pacquiao got here by winning.

If Timothy Bradley upsets Manny Pacquiao, he's well on his way.

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