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Boxing Results Roundup: Solis Wins in Return, Sanchez Retains Title, Mayfield Shines on FNF

Odlanier Solis returned to action last night in Texas, beating Konstantin Airich. (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Odlanier Solis returned to action last night in Texas, beating Konstantin Airich. (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Bongarts/Getty Images

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr UD-12 Juan Alberto Rosas: Well, this is a legitimizer sort of win for Sanchez, the 21-year-old who lifted the IBF super flyweight title from Rodrigo Guerrero earlier this year. That fight was close, and somewhat controversial. One of the cards (119-109 for Sanchez) was ridiculous, but the win itself wasn't a robbery or anything. This time, he pretty cleanly and clearly outboxed a solid, tough veteran contender, winning on scores of 118-109, 118-109, and 120-107, which I have not seen disputed by anyone. Rosas, 27, had a brief run with the same belt back in 2010. Sanchez has now truly arrived as a super flyweight contender and a top 10 guy in the division, but it's also worth noting that Guerrero's loss to Sanchez now looks much better, and a rematch between the two would be great to see for this summer. Sanchez 14-1-1 (7), Rosas 36-7 (27).

Celaya, Mexico

Denver Cuello KO-2 Ganigan Lopez: Down at 105 and 108, it can be hard to tell what's going to happen. There are always a couple of true standouts, but the guys below that very high level can be susceptible to upsets, and short-term top fighters can come out of nowhere. That didn't happen here, as Cuello put Lopez down in the first round, and put him away at 2:37 of the second. Cuello now is in line for a shot at Kazuto Ioka, who holds the WBC belt at 105, but Ioka must first defeat Akira Yaegashi on June 20, and that's no guarantee. Cuello 31-4-6 (21), Lopez 20-5 (14).

Pharr, Texas

Odlanier Solis UD-12 Konstantin Airich: Solis is still a big fatso, weighing in at 267½ for this one, and wasn't exactly looking "back" in this one, though he did win easily on scores of 119-109, 119-109, and 118-110. Solis, 32, could weigh 300 pounds and pretty easily defeat Airich. He could beat Airich in his sleep. Airich simply is not very good at all, probably best-known for the time his promoter Ahmet Oner rang an early bell for him when Danny Williams was beating the living crap out of him in 2008. He was coming off of a decent win against Ondrej Pala. Solis' dedication to the sport is still worth questioning, but on pure skill, he is still a fringe contender at worst. Solis 18-1 (12), Airich 23-6-2 (17).

Jerry Belmontes UD-8 Ramesis Gil: The 23-year-old Belmontes is a 5'9" super featherweight prospect from Corpus Christi, turning into a bit of a local favorite, and though he's yet to step up his competition, he's got some promise. He's still a long way off from being a contender, but worth keeping tabs for the time being. Gil is a rare guy whose record comes fairly close to being split between wins, losses, and draws. Belmontes 16-0 (5), Gil 7-4-5 (5).

After the Jump: Karim Mayfield, BoxAcademy, Oliver McCall loses in Germany, Maurico Pintor loses his "0," and more.


Copenhagen, Denmark
Kessler KO-4 Green / Nielsen UD-6 Nespro / Masternak UD-10 Miles

Liverpool, England
Price KO-4 Sexton / Hamilton UD-12 Theophane

1252_medium Albany, New York

Karim Mayfield TKO-5 Raymond Serrano: Finally got a chance to watch this one in full late Saturday night, and I was far more impressed with Mayfield this time than I have been before. He's very interesting -- on Twitter (follow me! I'm "fun"!) I said he's sort of like a "Moneyball" prospect for boxing. At 31, he's too old to ordinarily be a prospect. At 5'7", he's not notable physically at 140. His technique isn't pretty. He's not that fast, seems highly-flawed at times. But he can fight. He's awkwardly effective, willing to throw himself into the fire lunging in, has a punch, and keeps opponents a little off-balance. He's going to have some problems, probably -- he's willing to get dirty, he's happy to hold, he leads with his head, and better fighters than Serrano (not a favorite prospect of mine, to be honest) will probably not be so easily frustrated or fooled by his approach, and his stamina didn't look great last night. It's also still an open question how he handles a good offensive fighter. But he's very interesting.

The shot that put Serrano on the floor to end the fourth round pretty much ended this thing, and then the corner completely screwed whatever slight chance Serrano had to recover between the rounds, since they weren't remotely ready and were a complete mess after the knockdown. They wasted their entire minute, more or less. The team argued with each other and Serrano was boned right there. If he got more than eight seconds of instruction, he was lucky. Teddy Atlas rightfully lost his shit watching that corner disintegrate, and then Mayfield put it away at 47 seconds of the fifth round. Someone ought to get fired from Team Serrano. Mayfield 16-0-1 (10), Serrano 18-1 (8).

Jason Escalera D-8 Nick Brinson: This was a pretty solid fight, but I'm not sure what to take from either prospect just yet. Escalera looks to have the better upside, but Brinson battled him nicely. The draw wasn't a bad decision. There's still a lot to learn about Escalera. Escalera 13-0-1 (12), Brinson 9-1-2 (5).

Vincent Miranda KO-5 David Telesco: Yes, the same David Telesco who really asked for it back in 2000. Now 44, this was Telesco's first fight since a 2009 TKO-2 loss to Byron Mitchell. This was also just his third fight since 2005. Miranda, 26, is a Puerto Rican light heavyweight who had a stumble against William Santiago in 2009, took almost two years off, and has now won five straight over terrible competition, with Telesco far and away the toughest opponent he's faced in that time. Yes, 44-year-old, retired David Telesco. Miranda 15-1 (9), Telesco 30-8-1 (25).

Kenny Abril TKO-4 Bryan Abraham: Abril, 27, will be around a long time on these fight cards, I suspect. Though his record isn't much and he's never beaten anyone good in his eight years as a pro, he's a battler and a guy who can be put onto a card to win easier fights like this one or give a prospect some rounds as he did with Tito Serrano and Yordenis Ugas in his last two fights. Abril 12-5-1 (7), Abraham 6-12-2 (6).

Anthony Jones UD-4 Kevin Rooney Jr: Rooney is very popular because of who he is, but, like, he really can't fight much, and his future is on the business side of boxing, which is what he did for Star Boxing before (and still does in a more limited fashion than before). I've seen most of his fights so far, and I don't have any issue with watching him -- he's all heart and fights like he wishes he were a lot better at boxing than he is. Maybe that sounds shitty to put it that way, but I don't mean it to. It's meant more like the sentiment of Rudy's coaches in Rudy, who wished they could have put his heart into some of the more athletically-gifted players. He's not that much worse than Mike Lee, really. Jones 2-0-1 (0), Rooney 4-2 (2).

Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada

Dierry Jean UD-12 Lanardo Tyner: Tyner took this one on short notice and couldn't make the 140-pound limit for the fight, and wound up getting dominated, according to every fight report. It's the fourth straight loss for the 36-year-old Tyner, whose days as a tough gatekeeper may be numbered -- not because he still doesn't bring what he's got to the ring, but what he's got seems to be less each fight. Tyner is just 1-5-2 in his last eight outings, and the lone win came over the dusty remains of what used to be Vivian Harris. Jean, 30, has the look of a possible contender, but he's at the stage you'd expect of a 23, 24 year old prospect, sort of like Mayfield's situation. It's probably not the worst thing in the world to be a prospect at that age, just unusual and with a shorter window to have a top-line career, in most cases. Jean 22-0 (14), Tyner 25-8-2 (15).

Nicholson Poulard SD-10 Lionell Thompson: I know nothing about Poulard, but Thompson loses his "0" with this one and his corner protested the scores after the fight. Scores were 97-93 and 96-94 for Poulard, and 97-93 for Thompson. Poulard 18-3 (8), Thompson 12-1 (8).

Liverpool, England

Kevin Satchell TKO-10 Paul Edwards: Satchell put on a second straight eye-opening performance in this one, dominating Edwards to win the Commonwealth flyweight title, and scoring his first stoppage win over the fluky ex-British titlist. To be fair to Satchell, it could have been his second straight stoppage win, had the referee chosen heads on a coin flip, so to speak, and pulled Martin Power out in Satchell's last bout. Satchell likely doesn't have world class in him, but he's a good domestic fighter and given the fact that 112 isn't exactly strong in the UK, should be a British title contender. Satchell 8-0 (1), Edwards 9-2 (3).

Adil Anwar UD-10 Dave Ryan: Anwar, 24, probably will get the first crack at new British 140-pound champ Darren Hamilton, as this was an eliminator bout. Anwar 17-1 (7), Ryan 13-6 (3).

Travis Dickinson PTS-8 Jevgenijs Andrejevs: Rather nothing win for the 24-year-old light heavyweight Dickinson, who stays unbeaten with a win over the Latvian journeyman. Dickinson 13-0 (5), Andrejevs 6-45 (1).

Mexico City, Mexico

Ivan Cano UD-10 Mauricio Pintor: Pintor, 18, suffers his first pro loss to the 24-year-old Cano. Pintor was down in round one, lost a point in round three for hitting on the break, and Cano lost points in rounds five and nine for headbutts. Scores were 98-92, 98-90, and 99-91, so it would appear as though, really, the docked points were just ignored. Cliff Rold has a much better recap at Cano 21-4 (14), Pintor 17-1-1 (11).

Manchester, England

The first BoxAcademy show went off with no upsets. Winners were middleweight Joe Selkirk (9-0, 5); light heavyweight Callum Johnson (5-0, 3); super featherweight Terry Flannigan (14-0, 4); welterweight Shayne Singleton (12-0, 3); super bantamweight Paul Butler (7-0, 3); light heavyweight Rocky Fielding (10-0, 4); lightweight Tommy Coyle (12-0, 4); junior middleweight Sam Omidi (2-0, 0); and debuting bantamweight Alex Rutter (1-0, 0).

Flemington, Australia

Full Report by Ray Wheatley at Fightnews

Will Tomlinson TD-8 Daniel Ruiz: Tomlinson controlled the action in this one and notched a near-shutout technical decision win, after the fight was stopped due to a cut on Tomlinson from an accidental head clash in round three. Scores were 70-62 twice and 69-63. Wheatley (linked above) seems to believe Tomlinson, 25, is ready for the world level and fights against the top guys at 130, but that's likely still a step too far. Ruiz is one of those guys that international promoters love to bring in: A "Tough Mexican Warrior" whose paper record is solid but contains little by way of good wins. They have phony bologna records in Mexico, too. Not everyone is Marco Antonio Barrera or Julio Cesar Chavez down there. Carl Frampton is set to face a guy marketed this way on next weekend on the Bute vs Froch card. Tomlinson 19-0-1 (12), Ruiz 27-5-1 (19).

Blake Caparello SD-10 Robert Berridge: This was a meeting of unbeaten light heavies, Aussie vs Kiwi, and said to be a pretty good fight. Caparello slipped by and kept his shiny "0," noted as the classier of the two fighters with New Zealand's Berridge the aggressor.

Brad Pitt UD-6 Joel Casey: Pitt, 30, is a cruiserweight prospect with a memorable name and some power. He might be worth watching for over the next couple of years, or maybe not. Casey, 28, may have indeed once been rated by the WBA, but so what? He never really deserved to be. Tommy Karpency has been ranked by sanctioning bodies, for God's sake. So was a dead guy. Pitt 13-0 (10), Casey 15-10-3 (10).

Frankfurt, Germany

Francesco Pianeta UD-10 Oliver McCall: Yeah, McCall's still fighting, for whatever reason. I mean, not that that's news -- it's not like Telesco from earlier. McCall's never really gone away. At 47, he's still tougher than all get out and takes a good shot, but he really can't fight much anymore. Pianeta remains unbeaten at 27, but he's probably not the prospect some thought he was a few years ago, as he's "progressed" so slowly that it's hard to really say he's progressed at all. Pianeta 26-0-1 (14), McCall 56-12 (37).

Dover, Delaware

The scheduled main event between heavyweights Franklin Lawrence and Mike Mollo was canceled when Lawrence failed his pre-fight physical. So if you're wondering what happened with that one, that's what happened with that one.

Other Results: Nadjib Mohammedi TKO-4 Mehdi Amar ... Cesar Bazan TKO-6 Fernando Ayala (Bazan's first fight since 2008) ... Christopher Fernandez UD-8 Michael Stewart.

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