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Pacquiao vs Bradley: Manny Pacquiao Arrives in Los Angeles Ahead of June 9 Clash

While Floyd Mayweather was fighting Miguel Cotto last night in Las Vegas, boxing's other megastar was touching down at LAX, heading to the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood where he's set for his final month of training ahead of his June 9 fight with Timothy Bradley.

Top Rank's cameras were there to greet Pacquiao, and Crystina Poncher briefly spoke with the Filipino icon:

Poncher: "In your last fight, in that training camp, you had a lot of distractions. You made a lot of changes. How happy are you this time around?

Pacquiao: "This time I'm happy. We're very happy because there's no distraction. Nothing at all."

Non-answer #1!

Poncher: "Tim Bradley says he's a fighter and hungry like you were ten years ago. How do you prepare to fight somebody who's so hungry and has such a will to win?"

Pacquiao: "I have to train hard, and focus on the training, and focus on the fight, because I'm fighting a younger guy who is hungry to fight, to win."

Non-answer #2!

Poncher: "How has your sparring been going? I see you got a little nicked up, right here on your eye, how has your sparring been going with your Russian sparring partners?"

Pacquiao: "Very good, very good. My sparring partners have a similar style to Bradley."

I've got no more. There's some stuff about Manny being happy. Thank you to all the fans.

Best part is dude droppin' some hot winkage on Poncher:


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