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Peterson vs Khan Update: Card Will Be Cancelled If Peterson Denied License

Barring a miracle, this fight won't be happening. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
Barring a miracle, this fight won't be happening. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Following up on boxing's biggest developing story at the moment, Ring Magazine's Twitter account is fired up again sharing big news. After some rumblings earlier in the day that, should Lamont Peterson be denied his fighter license by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his failed drug test, Amir Khan would face a replacement opponent, Ring is saying that the event will be scrapped entirely.

Here are the tweets:

Keith Kizer: "I have been informed by Golden Boy Promotions that if Mr. Peterson does not get licensed by commission for May 19, that the fight card in its entirety will be called off and that Mr. Khan will be looking for a new opponent to fiight sometime later in the year at the Mandalay Bay Hotel."

Miguel Vazquez was one of the names being floated as a potential replacement opponent but it looks like they'll just scrap the date if need be.

There are also reports from some outlets that Peterson will be denied his license, which would make sense. The NSAC stance has always been that the fighter is responsible for everything they put into their bodies and Peterson's failure to disclose the testosterone pellet on his VADA test form will likely be a deal breaker.

For those interested in the pellets, they were central to a big article that Gabriel Montoya wrote at Max Boxing. Generally, you're only going to get this kind of pellet at an "age management" doctor. Peterson could throw together a defense that he has low testosterone or was prescribed the pellet to recover from an injury, but it's unlikely to help him.

The NSAC will now have to decide if they will flat deny his license or if they'll hold a special hearing to discuss the situation in full before...well, before probably denying his license.

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