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Haye vs Chisora Press Conference: Dereck Chisora Interview (Video)

"It's happening, then. Tell us your thoughts about the fact that this fight is on, and a big fight here at Upton Park."

"It's happening. It's here. It's on BoxNation. We're ready to rock n' roll. Can't wait."

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"He's coming out with some big words in the press conference, about what he's going to do to you, about how he's going to shut you up, and he's gonna do it for the people on the street."

"If you know David Haye, he's not from the streets, man. We know David Haye, what he says. He was going to shut Wladimir up, he did not. He ended up shooting himself with his broken toe. He's all talk. You know what? For this one, I'm not going to say a lot. That's why I kept quiet. There's nothing to say. He signed a contract. Let's get it on."

"He's described you as a bully."

"Call me whatever you want, man. I'm the kid in the playground who'll take your candy. I'm gonna come take his candy then."

"How much do you really fancy this fight? How much do you fancy, or know, that you can emerge as a winner?"

"I fancy it very well. Watch when you see me on July 14."

"Why do you fancy it so much? Styles?"

"Styles, yeah. Styles makes a fight. And his style is rubbish."

"Is it because he's not busy enough, is that the--"

"I'm busy enough for -- I can guarantee you, round four, he'll be puffing out his ass. In round four, he's going to be breathing out his ass. I can guarantee you those words. That boy ain't fit. He's always -- he's like my Škoda I had. All nice from the outside, but inside it was fucking shit. Couldn't race no one."

"Do you think physically, I mean, words can be cheap, but when you get in there as a fighter, do you think that as a genuine heavyweight that physically, you might be too much for him?"

"He's gonna find out. He's playing with the big boys. He's moaning, 'oh the southpaws, oh six-foot guys,' and stuff like that. This is the heavyweight game. You don't have to moan. When you're a heavyweight, you don't moan. You just have to get in and get on with it. There's no moaning. If you get beat, you get beat, you say, 'You know what? The better man won.' You don't try to take half the man's glory and say, 'oh, I had a broken toe, oh my shoulder was hurting.' No, you don't say those things. You say a great man won today, and I'll be back. But that fool has always got something to say."

"He says about how people are telling him that they want him to shut you up, you say -- what do you hear?"

"You know what the problem with David Haye is? David could never come out here now and walk down the road. 'Cause no one likes him."

"And what do you hear? What do your fans say?"

"My fans say, make sure you whoop that boy's cornrows off his head. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to beat him up, and I'll cut his hair for him."

"So on July 14, what do you predict?"

"I'll cut his hair for him. I guarantee you that."

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