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Peterson vs Khan: Fight Officially Canceled

It was a press conference about nothing. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
It was a press conference about nothing. (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The May 19 rematch between Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan has been officially canceled, according to both Dan Rafael of ESPN and Khan himself, and Khan says that he's going to go ahead with a June 30 date for his next fight:

The fight is off! sorry everyone the only person to blame is (Lamont Peterson). I'll be looking for a opponent to fight June 30th

If you somehow missed the whole fiasco, Peterson popped positive for synthetic testosterone on a March drug test by VADA, the anti-doping organization signed to perform testing for this fight.

With this fight off, HBO viewers will also be spared the ridiculous Adrien Broner vs Gary Sykes fight, so I guess you take the good with the bad, even though I agree that everyone losing their purse sucks and all that. I still have no desire to see Broner vs Sykes followed by five minutes of Broner's lame rehearsed smack talk and his dad brushing his hair. Hopefully that won't be moved to June 30, too, since it shouldn't be happening at all.

Given that June 30 isn't far off, an opponent for Khan could be named as soon as early next week. There are potentially plenty of candidates for a fight at 140 or 147 for him, but a lot of those guys are tied up, just fought, or have other complications. It'll be interesting to see who gets the spot, if the date holds.

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