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Pacquiao vs Bradley Video: Distraught Manny Discusses Loss With ESPN

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Manny Pacquiao spoke with ESPN's Bernardo Osuna pretty much directly after his shocking and highly-disputed upset loss to Timothy Bradley on Saturday night in Las Vegas, and though Manny played it pretty cool on the HBO cameras in the ring after the fight, this interview tells you a lot more about just how distraught Pacquiao was following the decision.

Bernardo Osuna, ESPN: "Manny, how surprised were you by the decision when they read it as a victory for Timothy Bradley?"

Manny Pacquiao: "I'm really...I'm very surprised. I'm very surprised."

Osuna: "Talk to us about what happened with the delay prior the fight."

Pacquiao: "... I thought, you know, I believed, in his fights, in all his fights, he's never running. He's always coming inside, coming inside, and fighting toe-to-toe. And I'm expecting him to fight toe-to-toe, and, c'mon, let's, good fight. And I'm trying to knock him out, and I always hurt him, almost every round."

You'll note here that Pacquiao, so focused on what just happened to him, totally brushes off the question Osuna asks. The delay, at this point in the fight, didn't matter at all. Manny Pacquiao was shell-shocked.

Osuna: "Did you have that instinct to want to finish, and just were unable to finish him?"

Pacquiao: "Yes, I have the instinct. That's why I throw solid punches every round. I throw the power punches."

Osuna: "How much do you think the Juan Manuel Marquez decision affected the judges in this fight?"

Pacquiao: "I don't know. I cannot compare it. But, I respect...I respect the judges."

Osuna: "For the future, you had plans maybe for a fourth Marquez fight, a Mayweather fight, now are you gonna take the rematch clause, or is there another option for you?"

Pacquiao: "Rematch, whatever. Whatever the promoter gives me to me.

Osuna: "But you want to get back in the ring against Tim Bradley."

Pacquiao: "I want that. It depends."

Pacquiao said at the post-fight presser that he absolutely does want the rematch on November 10.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Results
Bradley SD-12 Pacquiao | Arce NC-2 Rojas
Bailey TKO-11 Jones | Rigondeaux TKO-5 Kennedy

Post-Fight Fallout
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