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Haye vs Chisora Video: David Haye Says He'll Force Chisora's Trainer to Stop the Fight

David Haye will be facing Dereck Chisora on July 14 at Upton Park in London, in a fight that has garnered some of the biggest attention of all the bouts currently on the boxing schedule, but it's at best 50-50 for good press. That said, the two have engaged in some entertaining interviews (depending on your tolerance for either of them, anyway), and Haye gave iFilm London quite a bit of good material at the second press conference for the bout.

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On the second press conference for the July 14 fight:

"It was very mellow, very chilled. I think Dereck's in hard training now, and I think the energy and aggression that he had in the prior press conferences, he's actually using it in the gym for once. Actually burning off all that anger on the bags and on sparring partners. I think he's jaded. ... He did (look in good shape). His face looked very chiseled, I noticed that. Normally he's got this big, fat, round face, but I did actually comment on that. I said, 'Oh, you're looking trim.' You're looking like -- he's actually doing some training. He actually looked like a boxer. Hopefully, you might even see the remnants of a six-pack on the night. Ooh, can you imagine that? Dereck Chisora with a six-pack."

On training:

"I'm always in the gym training. It's not something new. For him, he's at the gym, then he's in the gym. I'm always in the gym. I'm always in shape. You saw the press conference last time around, I didn't have any fight coming up. I'm in shape. I'm always in shape. I think that's the difference between me and him. He does an eight-week training camp, or a 12-week training camp, whatever it is. I'm continuously training. I'm always healthy, I'm always in shape, I'm always not far away from fighting condition."

On his strength and conditioning coach working with Amir Khan:

"I'm working with Bobby Rich. I've worked with Ruben (Tavares) for a long time. He's got my nutrition spot-on. He's big into organic food. I think it definitely will help Amir Khan. He's probably taken over everything (Khan) puts in his mouth, making sure everything is organic. He cooks a lot of the food himself. I've got a good setup here where they cook all my food. We get the same food from the same places. So my diet hasn't changed whatever, my training's exactly the same. I'm looking forward to seeing how Amir Khan how performs working with Ruben Tavares, because he's a very good strength and conditioning coach."

On whether his career is back in full-swing or not:

"It's just a one-off, as far as I'm concerned. This is a one-off. The whole idea behind this fight was to get a fight with Vitali Klitschko. That was the reason. It's not because Dereck has anything that I want. It's not like I'm going to get an obscene amount of money that I haven't got before. He hasn't got a title that I haven't got. He doesn't bring to the table anything other than a bit of satisfaction. A lot of the fans around the world want to see this fight. And, you know, Bernd Boente said when we was at the press conference in Germany, in Munich, he said, 'You two fight, and Vitali will fight the winner.' His words. So here I am fighting him. So when I knock Dereck Chisora out, people will be able to make a nice, clear comparison between how Vitali dealt with Chisora, and how I dealt with Chisora. And after that fight, I think a few people will start to say, 'OK, I wonder how David would get on against Vitali now?'"

On the importance of knocking Chisora out:

"A win isn't enough. I didn't take this fight just to win. I came here to literally obliterate this guy. ... That's the whole idea behind this fight, is to get a fight with Vitali. That was the whole idea. If the Vitali carrot wasn't dangled, I wouldn't have fought. I probably wouldn't have fought him. ... If it's not available, then, what else is there? I've already been world champion before at heavyweight, I've been world champion at cruiserweight. Fighting someone else for a title, does it excite me? Not as much. I don't know."

On fighting someone else domestically:

"It wouldn't interest me to fight anyone other than -- the only reason Dereck Chisora's getting this is because I beat him up at a press conference. If I wouldn't have beat him up at a press conference, this fight wouldn't be happening, plain and simple. The moment my knuckles struck his chin, it made him a household name. I'm the one who gave him -- he doesn't realize that. He probably thinks it has to do with him being clever or being a good fighter. But no one gives a damn. People just know him from me beating him up at a press conference. That's it. He's a joke."

On whether or not he dislikes Chisora:

"Dereck, you know, he's not a nice guy. Plain and simple. Beats up his missus, he's been convicted of that. Attacking police officers, carrying offensive weapons. Check his police record, and you'll see that he's not a very nice man. I've seen how he treats people, boxers. He tried to kiss one on the mouth, bit one's ear, he slapped one, he spat on another one. These aren't characteristics of a nice guy, in my opinion. Some people might think he's a lovely sweetheart, but I personally think he's pretty disgusting. And I will treat him that way on the night."

On how he'll deal with Chisora's aggressive style:

"Punching him in the face. If you're not getting punched in the face, it's easy to swarm forward on people. Anyone can do it. I could do it, as long as no one's punching me back, I'll keep walking forward all day long. When you fight someone as fast I am, who punches as accurately as me -- John Ruiz said that, he said, he's not used to pressure, he doesn't like that, he's got nothing... Everyone was like, oh, if he gets into the later stage of the fight, he's got a great chin, he ain't been stopped since David Tua 15 years ago. What happened? 20 seconds, he's on his ass. He tries to chase me down, I start running, bang, he's sitting down on his butt. Everyone's got a great plan until they start getting punched in the face by me. Every coach is a great strategist until their boy goes out in the first round and can't understand why he's getting hit and why he can't land his own punches."

On Chisora's trainer Don Charles and their confidence:

"Don Charles was very confident that Ali Adams would beat Audley Harrison. Very confident. He had the master plan! He'd been working on Ali Adams' defense, and all that stuff. How'd that fight go? How was Ali Adams' defense in that fight? He's been working for a year with Don Charles! ... Don Charles said Audley ain't got no heart, he didn't want to fight. So what happened? Did he get it wrong? ... Was he right or was he wrong on his prediction of the fight with Ali Adams and Audley Harrison? ... What makes you think he's gonna be right this time around? He sounds very confident this time around. Very confident. Almost as confident as he did that his boy would beat Audley Harrison. But it didn't happen. He's also said he wants to fight me personally, he wants to have a boxing match with me. At the age of 50. This is the guy who's giving Dereck Chisora strategic advice to fight me. A 50-year-old man who was shit when he was in his fighting prime. ... He sounded like he genuinely wanted to fight me. Genuinely thinks at 50 -- even in his fighting prime he wouldn't have been good enough to be a sparring partner. But he wants to fight me. That's -- this is the guy who's guiding Dereck Chisora. That's all you really need to know, honestly. I find it quite amusing, that this -- this confidence of both of them. 'Yeah, we're gonna do this, we're gonna do that.' It's gonna be amusing to watch 'em both, when -- I won't be surprised if Don throws the towel in on Dereck, to be honest. ... I might do it. I could knock him out, but I might just punish him and keep stunning him until Don -- I think Don might be a little bit compassionate as well. So I might work that into my game plan as well. I'll punish him. I won't put him down, I'll just keep stunning him, stunning him. ... That's what I'm gonna do. OK, cool. Don Charles throws in the towel."

Final advice for Chisora:

"Tell Chisora to train hard. Tell him I wanna see a six-pack. ... He's looking good, but I still saw a little roll. I want it banging, ripped. ... Chisora, do some sit-ups, my friend. Do some sit-ups. Don't eat late at night. After 8 o'clock, go easy on the carbs. No bowls of pasta after eight."

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