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Haye vs Chisora Video: Dereck Chisora Not Feeling Talkative Ahead of Fight

Dereck Chisora will be facing David Haye on July 14 at Upton Park in London, in a fight that has garnered some of the biggest attention of all the bouts currently on the boxing schedule, but it's at best 50-50 for good press. That said, the two have engaged in some entertaining interviews (depending on your tolerance for either of them, anyway). This quite frankly is not one of them, as Chisora essentially gives the cold shoulder to iFilm London's Kugan Cassius. But this is the mood Chisora's in right now, for whatever that's worth.

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On who he thinks the crowd will back:

"It's in everybody's favor, man. You never know what kind of side the crowd will wake up on. It's gonna be a great fight."

On the perception of him as 'unhinged':

"That suits me. It don't matter. As long as they talk about Dereck Chisora, it's fine."

On why he's not training in Poland:

"I went to Poland. I was there to watch the first opening game. They didn't have some of the things I wanted, so I just had to stay here anyway."

On why he attended the Price vs Sexton fight:

"I went there to watch the fight, and they kicked me out. But, you know what, we've moved on from that, so bad news to them."

On whether not he'll get his BBBofC license back:

"I hope so. But right now I don't think they want to see me, so I don't really care."

A message for the fans:

"Make sure you buy your tickets, man, 'cause you don't wanna miss this showdown."

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