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Khan vs Garcia: Ajose Olusegun Likely to Accept Deal, Team Says They Have No Choice

Ajose Olusegun's manager Damien Ramirez tells that his fighter will likely accept a step-aside deal and allow the WBC to sanction a 140-pound title fight between Danny Garcia and Amir Khan on July 14 without much of a fight, saying they have no real option.

"We've got no choice but to make a deal. At the end of the day, there shouldn't be no voting board. This man was supposed to fight [Erik] Morales. They guarantee Ajose is next. Then Morales fights Cano. They guarantee Ajose is next. They allow Morales to fight Garcia. Then after that they guarantee he's going to fight the winner. Now you're telling me the WBC has to vote? Vote for what?"

Once again, we've got someone in boxing showing a disturbing trust in a sanctioning body to do the right thing instead of just chase the most money. I feel bad for these guys, because before having no choice but to accept this deal ("deal"), they had no choice but to give the WBC money to sanction a supposed eliminator.

The WBC has never, ever intended to give Ajose Olusegun a world title shot, and they don't have that intention now. He's a nobody, doesn't have a big promoter, doesn't bring in money. Jesus, if you tried to sell Garcia vs Olusegun -- and Ramirez is right, Garcia isn't some star either -- to HBO, they'd probably have to be forced into it with some kind of great main event.

Ramirez doesn't blame Golden Boy for doing what they're supposed to do, but does blame the WBC for lying and not doing what's right:

"Golden Boy did their job. As the promoter to that kid, they are doing their job. The WBC is not doing their job by allowing it to be a title fight. There is nothing wrong with what Golden Boy is doing. They are doing their job as the promoter, but what the WBC is doing to this kid is not right."

None of this is unexpected or even that interesting to talk about, but it's an update on the situation. Olusegun won't be fighting this too hard, because it's pointless to try. Khan vs Garcia will have the WBC belt on the line. If Olusegun is going to get a title shot, it will have to be because Khan beats Garcia and then vacates the belt. Then, maybe Olusegun can fight someone for the vacant belt.

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