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Guerrero vs Aydin: Robert Guerero Heads to Camp, Talks Move Up in Weight

Robert Guerrero is heading to training camp for his July 28 fight with Selcuk Aydin. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Robert Guerrero is heading to training camp for his July 28 fight with Selcuk Aydin. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero is getting ready to fully prepare for his July 28 Showtime fight against Selcuk Aydin, and has made his way to training camp at Lake Tahoe.

Guerrero, who hasn't fought since his win at lightweight over Michael Katsidis in April 2011, is moving up to welterweight for the first time.

"This is my big opportunity to show the world that I belong with the elite fighters in boxing," Guerrero said via press release. "Everyone says it can't be done, but I'm going to show the world skipping super lightweight and going straight to welterweight with no tune up to challenge the No. 1 contender and beating Selcuk Aydin can be done!"

It's tough to figure out who this "everyone" is that says this can't be done, since skipping 140 has been done a handful of times at the very least, and successfully at that. Manny Pacquiao jumped from 135 to fight Oscar De La Hoya, and Shane Mosley did the same exact thing years ago. And that's just recent. Not to mention, Guerrero will be a heavy favorite in this fight.

Still, if we're putting Guerrero in league with Pacquiao and Mosley ... well, we're not, since Selcuk Aydin isn't exactly Oscar De La Hoya.

Guerrero (29-1-1, 18 KO) and Aydin (23-0, 17 KO) will headline at the HP Pavilion, aka the Shark Tank, in San Jose, near Guerrero's hometown of Gilroy. Obviously Golden Boy is hoping that Guerrero is a big enough local attraction to bring in a respectable crowd, since that's not a small venue and Aydin is totally unknown in the States.

Guerrero is hoping the win over Aydin will set him up for something bigger.

"I'm here to face the toughest challenges and put myself in a position to get mega-fights. It's not going to be easy beating a full-fledged welterweight. That's why my team and I will get the proper training, sparring and diet when I leave to camp. The mountains of Tahoe are set at high elevations which will make for a great training camp.

"I look forward to making history for the Bay Area and all my fans across the world."

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