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Pacquiao vs Bradley Video: Dana White Offers His Prediction

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

UFC's Dana White always says he's a boxing fan who loves boxing and came from boxing and he knows all about boxing, so in the spirit of UFC's Dana White loving boxing and being a boxing fan who came from boxing and knows boxing, here's UFC's Dana White with a boxing (he loves it) prediction for Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley, via our friends at Fight Hub TV:

White: "Pacquiao-Bradley, um...Manny Pacquiao, you know what Pacquiao has. Pacquiao has speed, power. Bradley's a tough kid, man. This is a tougher fight than people think it is. God, that's a tough one to break down. Bradley's tough, man. But I think Manny's gonna out-speed him. Think he's gonna out-speed and out-power him. He might even stop him."

Q: "He's a lively underdog though, huh?"

White: "Oh hell yeah. Yeah, Tim Bradley's no joke. That kid's tough. I like him. I'm excited for that fight."

Q: "Do you think it'll end up being a lot harder of a fight or Manny than he's had recently? Even harder than the trouble he's had with Marquez?"

White: "Well here's the hard part. 24/7 tries to give you the illusion that Manny has all these other things going on, and it looks like he's distracted. (to someone else) You think so? You think he's distracted for this fight, though? You know what's weird, too, it's almost like they're portraying him now, he's not that fun-loving Manny Pacquiao anymore, that used to, you know -- it's talk about he's having problems with his wife during this thing, all his businesses are going out of business, now he's becoming a preacher because God came and talked to him. I couldn't tell if that's the way-- (someone else talks about Manny and Jinkee's issues pre-Marquez) That's the kind of shit you need fight day. That's good stuff."

All first paragraph bullshitting aside, I think Dana's interesting here talking about the 24/7 angles. It's something a lot of us question every time out.

This time, it's the Bible and God speaking to Manny in dreams, so it's OK, he's not chasing tail anymore, just yelling about the Bible. This time it's less about "distractions" than it is about perhaps not being 100% into the boxing thing anymore, I guess is how I'd put it. But at least they've toned down the push about Manny not being focused. The focus is the lack of focus. Everything is everything. Free your mind.

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