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Pavlik vs Sigmon: Get to Know Scott 'Cujo' Sigmon (Video)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Scott Sigmon is a 25-year-old club fighter from Bedford, Virginia. I'm not going to lie: That's pretty much all I knew about the dude before this morning, other than he's set to face Kelly Pavlik on ESPN Friday Night Fights this week, and that he's supposed to lose.

But here's a video look at Sigmon's life in and out of the ring. It's nice to know more about one of these "opponents" for once:

Sigmon (22-3, 12 KO) is a +2000 underdog on the one sportsbook I've seen listing a line for this fight, with Pavlik a -5000 favorite. I'm not going to pretend I think this stacks up to be a competitive fight on paper, because it doesn't, and I don't believe that it's any different now than I did a few hours ago, just because I've seen a video about Sigmon now.

But it's an interesting look at the level of fighter we don't get to know much about too often. Ryan Songalia did a piece at The RING about Sigmon, and I thought it was a good read:

"If I don't get hit with just a jab and get knocked unconscious, I'll pass everyone's expectations," said Sigmon. "I don't have any pressure on me; Kelly has all the pressure on him.

"I guess I have the element of surprise, no one is thinking too much of me."

Like the young man says, he's got no pressure, and nothing to lose. All he can do is raise his profile on Friday. If he loses, he was supposed to. If he gets knocked out in the first round, well, that's kind of what's supposed to happen, too. He's "got no chance." He can give what he's got.

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