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Pacquiao vs Bradley Video: Emanuel Steward Says Fight Is 50-50, Pacquiao Looking Past Bradley

Our friend Austin Schindel at XFINITY Sports is in Las Vegas for the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight, and got a moment to speak with Hall of Fame trainer and HBO Sports analyst Emanuel Steward about tomorrow night's main event.

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Austin Schindel, XFINITY Sports: "I'm here with Emanuel Steward of HBO boxing. Emanuel, what has impressed you most about Timothy Bradley going into the fight?

Emanuel Steward: "Everything. I think his skill level is underappreciated. Much better than people expect. I also think his physical conditioning, and I think his mental attitude, which is tougher than anything Manny Pacquiao has fought. I know he's fought with Marquez. Marquez is still not tougher than Timothy Bradley.

"And Timothy Bradley is going to be there to challenge Manny Pacquiao throughout the entire fight. And when Manny is close, he's pulled out decisions by coming on strong at the end. He won't be able to do that with Bradley. Bradley's going to be right there meeting him, punch-for-punch, on every bit of the way. I think it's a tough fight that in my mind, I know it sounds strange, I have it as a 50-50 fight. I do not see no way in the world it should be even a 2 to 1."

XFINITY Sports: "Do you think Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao might be looking too far ahead to Mayweather and may not be taking Bradley as seriously as they should be?"

Steward: "I definitely feel that both Manny and Freddie are underestimating Timothy Bradley, and looking past him."

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