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Pacquiao vs Bradley Video: Roy Jones Jr Says Bradley Has to Impose His Will, Can't Outbox Manny

Roy Jones Jr, the boxing legend and HBO Sports analyst, spoke with Chris Robinson of the Examiner about tomorrow night's Pacquiao vs Bradley main event on HBO pay-per-view from Las Vegas. Jones himself will be back in the ring on June 30 in Poland against Dawid Kostecki, but here's how he breaks down tomorrow's fight.

On the matchup:

"Very good fight. A fight that either fighter can win. I think that Pacquiao has the power to be able to put Bradley down, possibly out. Bradley's been down but never out. Bradley has an ugly, mean enough style to give Pacquiao all kinds of problems as well. Big problem we've got is when an orthodox fighter and a southpaw meet, there's usually a problem with the colliding of the heads. Bradley has problems colliding heads with orthodox fighters. So imagine what it's gonna look like with a southpaw."

On Timothy Bradley:

"He's durable, he's strong, he's a physical specimen, understand me? He's not the biggest puncher, but he's a very durable guy, and he believes in his heart that he can win every night. That's hard to beat."

On how Bradley should approach Manny:

"He better impose himself on Pacquiao, because if he stays smart and boxes, that's the dumbest thing he can do. His hands are not as quick as Pacquiao's, and he don't punch as hard as Pacquiao. So if he don't go out there and get into Pacquiao and make it ugly, he's gonna get beat easy."

On Pacquiao-Marquez III:

"I thought it was about a draw. I didn't think (Manny) lost it, but I didn't think he won, either."

On Pacquiao's hunger:

"He's not hungry. That's without a doubt. He's not hungry. But most times a fighter of his stature, he's fighting for not only boxing, but for political reasons and every other thing. So definitely believe that he's taking boxing serious."

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