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Pacquiao vs Bradley: Jim Lampley Sees Headbutts, Lack of Chaos As Factors Against Manny

HBO boxing play-by-play man Jim Lampley has seen a lot over his time in boxing, and he's convinced of something for tonight's Pacquiao vs Bradley fight: Manny Pacquiao doesn't like blood, and if Timothy Bradley's billygoat head gets involved, we could see some of it.

"(Bradley is) the most frequent (head) butter in the sport. To say that he’s probably guilty of more accidental head butts over the course of the last 10 years than even Bernard Hopkins is saying a lot. A lot like Evander Holyfield, he leads with his head and it’s a big head, and it gets in the way of people. The bottom line is Manny Pacquiao doesn’t like blood."

The entire interview is quite good, with Lampley breaking down the fight, discussing Manny's life out of the ring ("he has by far the most complicated existence I've ever seen for any public figure"), and more.

"When you consider the level of chaos that exists in his life, just as a result of his day-to-day relationship with the Filipino community, and the degree to which he tries to reach out to people in poverty, in distress, etc., etc., it is quite bizarre. So to see him try to put all that aside, to a certain degree, and attempt to get his life into a manageable area, and to ditch a lot of the elements of his life that have kept him off the straight and narrow, it just leads to wonder, 'Alright, if the chaos is gone, where's Manny Pacquiao?'

"The fighter who has done everything that he's done, and accomplished what he's accomplished, has done that against the constant backdrop of a life of impenetrable chaos. And if he changes all that and gets it under control, what does that do to the fighter in the ring?"

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