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Pacquiao vs Bradley Video: Tim Bradley Says He's Best When Pressure Is High

On how he'll feel at the end of the fight:

"Very nervous, because of the judging. But I think that I'll definitely do enough to win the fight and get the victory. ... Absolutely (it will go the distance)."

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On the pressure he's facing:

"I laugh. The more pressure, the better I fight. When I'm under pressure, I perform. ... I don't worry about the pressure. The preparation, to get prepared for the fight, that's where the confidence comes from. I know that I'm ready. I know what a big stage I'm on, all the lights and everything. It's time for a show."

On whether or not he decided to fight Manny because of the Marquez fight in November:

"No, no, absolutely not. It was four years ago, I think it was actually another two years ago. Four years ago, I called him out, and then two years ago I called him out, after I fought Carlos Abregu. It's been a while. I've been studying this guy for a while now. I think he's a great fighter. But I think I can definitely make him pay for the things that he does wrong. That's the reason I want this fight. And I want to be the best. He'll be surprised by my speed, and he'll be surprised by how strong I am, and how smart I am. How intelligent I am in the ring. I'm not just a face-first brawler. When I'm coming forward, I'm breaking down these guys, I'm landing body shots. Good jab, great defense, and I'm applying the pressure and breaking down these guys, mentally and physically."

On how he'll feel coming to the ring tonight:

"The show is on. I own the ring. I'm here. I'm gonna take it round-by-round."

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