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Boxing Results Roundup: Broner, Thurman Win on HBO; Cano, Chaves, Burgos Take Weekend Victories

Adrien Broner won big in last night's HBO main event, but the victory came tainted. (Photo by Pat Lovell - Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions)
Adrien Broner won big in last night's HBO main event, but the victory came tainted. (Photo by Pat Lovell - Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions)
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Adrien Broner TKO-5 Vicente Escobedo: Broner wins again, and now it's time for him to prove that elite class. If we're going to all give Canelo Alvarez hell for his fights, Broner deserves the same. Let's be fair here. Escobedo was a solid, decent opponent, pretty much the same as Alfonso Gomez was a solid, decent opponent for Alvarez last year. Hopefully the next step isn't throwing Broner in with old men or bantamweights. As much as I personally dislike Broner and find basically no redeeming qualities in his alleged "personality," the kid has a world of natural physical ability. He has gifts that most fighters just do not have. I may "hate on" Broner for eternity. It doesn't mean I don't want to see him fight, though. Escobedo did as well as he could with it all, including Broner having blown off the weigh-in and then the next morning weigh-in, and he leaves with a good chunk of change. He was outclassed by Broner and always would have been. Broner 24-0 (20), Escobedo 26-4 (15).

Keith Thurman TKO-6 Orlando Lora: While I didn't mind seeing this fight, really, that's because as I've said before, I don't hold the HBO brand on the pedestal some people do. I've long since given up on expecting only the best fights. This was really a ShoBox or Friday Night Fights-level bout, but whatever. Thurman, 23, was more impressive in the interviews than in the ring, perhaps, as he still has a raw awkwardness about him, and he just doesn't seem to have a natural flow. But I think there's real upside here. He can crack, and even though the rugged Lora stood up to him for five rounds, he got put on his ass and made the decision to quit in round six. Thurman fought confidently and showed an ability to think, and not just throw bombs. I don't know that he needs to be rushed back to HBO unless he's ready to make a major leap in opposition, but he's one to watch. Thurman 18-0 (17), Lora 29-3-2 (19).

Omar Figueroa UD-10 Dominic Salcido: Figueroa won on scores of 97-93, 97-93, and 98-92. The Texan brawler went a full ten for the first time in his career, as Salcido isn't any great shakes, but also is not a total pushover. It's a solid win for Figueroa, who is tentative to return on August 24 in Hidalgo, Texas. Figueroa 19-0-1 (15), Salcido 18-4 (9).

Hollywood, Florida

Argenis Mendez UD-12 Martin Honorio: Mendez scores a second win over Honorio and keeps himself in the title hunt at 130 pounds. This was an IBF eliminator, so chances are we'll see Mendez rematch Juan Carlos Salgado before the end of the year, which is another good fight. Scores were 117-109, 116-110, and 115-111, with Honorio losing two points for fouls. Mendez 20-2 (10), Honorio 32-8-1 (16).

Ed Paredes TKO-10 Vivian Harris: Someone needs to get Vivian Harris out of the ring, but nobody will. Harris is a really unfortunate shell of himself. He hasn't beaten a decent opponent since 2007, and his last win came in 2008, when he topped a dude who came in 7-4-1. He's been stopped five times in his last nine bouts (1-6-1, 1 no-contest). Hell, he had a concussion from a headbutt in his no-contest fight. Beyond all that, he just doesn't fight like he wants to be there anymore. Watching him cower in fear against Victor Ortiz in 2010 was really uncomfortable. Anyway, Paredes wins again, and the 27-year-old welterweight fringe contender stays in his fringe contender zone. Paredes 31-3-1 (21), Harris 29-8-2 (19).

Joan Guzman KO-1 Jorge Pimentel: If Joan Guzman fights Zab Judah or Paulie Malignaggi in front of a rowdy house in NYC, I'm all for it. Worse fighters and bigger d-bags get title shots and notable fights all the time. But I can't say as though I really care about Guzman trucking a few guys who are well below the level of guys he was beating in 2001. Guzman is 36 years old and was showing flaws and some notable decline in skills last time he was facing decent opponents. If he's going to do anything, he might as well just do it. Guzman 33-0-1 (20), Pimentel 25-16 (19).

Laughlin, Nevada

Juan Carlos Burgos TKO-3 Cesar Vazquez: A better performance here for Burgos than he had earlier this year against Cristobal Cruz, but also an opponent a bit easier, too. Vazquez came to fight, and boy did they fight. Burgos hurt first, though, and that got him the win, as Vazquez probably should have taken a knee, but he didn't. Burgos 30-1 (20), Vazquez 25-1 (16).

Aaron Martinez SD-8 Prenice Brewer: This was a solid fight, and Brewer had his moments. It's really not a lack of talent for the Cleveland native, but something is always just a hair off with his approach. He can box, but he's not a great boxer, and it seems like he should be able to generate more power than he does out of his lanky frame. I don't know. Martinez is a little older at 30 than you might want from someone at this stage of a career. Martinez 18-1-1 (4), Brewer 16-3-1 (6).

Cancun, Mexico

Pablo Cesar Cano TD-7 Johan Perez: This was for the interim WBA 140-pound title, so Cano now thinks he's a world champion. Good for him. Cano and Perez reportedly went toe-to-toe in this one, with Cano cut in the first round and Perez bleeding from the nose in the same opening frame. In the end, a cut over Cano's eye caused an early end to the bout, and the Mexican won on scores of 68-65, 68-65, and 67-67. This was Perez's first fight under the Golden Boy banner. If you're wondering why there is an interim WBA title at all, it's the usual reason. Money and boxing bullshit. There's no reason for the WBA to have an interim title, and there hasn't been at any time in recent memory. Cano 25-1-1 (19), Perez 15-1-1 (12).

Manuel Perez SD-10 Jose Miguel Cotto: Scores here were 96-94 twice for Perez, and 96-95 for Cotto. Perez isn't bout to become a contender or anything. Cotto is basically just playing out the string, whether or not he deserved to win this fight. Perez 17-8-1 (4), Cotto 33-4-1 (24).

Jose Leon Suarez, Argentina

Diego Chaves KO-2 Ismael El Massoudi: Chaves might be the next Argentine fighter to watch out for. With this win, he lifts the interim WBA welterweight title (there they go again), and says he wants a shot at real titlist Paulie Malignaggi. That's perhaps unlikely, since Paulie's going to want to get back to the big main event stage, but personally I'd be interested in seeing it. Chaves 21-0 (17), El Massoudi 36-4 (14).

Newport, Wales

Gary Buckland PTS-8 Innocent Anyanwu: Just a tune-up for Buckland, who will now defend his British super featherweight title against Stephen Foster on October 5. Buckland 26-2 (8), Anyanwu 21-5-2 (13).

Danny Butler TKO-8 Frankie Borg: You may recall Danny Butler from a couple of Prizefighter tournaments, or in losses against Darrens Barker and McDermott. Butler (20-5, 5), Borg 6-1 (2).

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Kiko Martinez PTS-6 Dougie Curran: Super tune-up nothing fight for European super bantamweight titlist Martinez, who now moves forward with a September 22 title defense in Belfast against Carl Frampton. Martinez 27-3 (19), Curran 5-14-2 (0).

Santa Ynez, California

(Photo by Tom Casino/Showtime)

Art Hovhannisyan SD-10 Miguel Acosta: Hovhannisyan takes this one on scores of 95-93, 95-93, and 92-96, flooring Acosta in the first round, but also hitting the canvas himself in the fifth. Hovhannisyan sort of reminds me of Ruslan Provodnikov in a way -- both are good fighters, fun to watch, tough. I don't think we're going to see Provodnikov succeed beyond the FNF level, and I don't know that we'll see Hovhannisyan get much past the ShoBox level, either. Both are welcome on my TV, though. Hovhannisyan 15-0-2 (8), Acosta 29-6-2 (23).

Roman Morales UD-8 Alexis Santiago: Morales showed something going a full eight at age 20, against a decent opponent in the Roger Mayweather-trained Santiago. Morales mostly dominated the fight but had to work to do so, and the prospect is now set to return on August 24 against familiar stepping stone Jonathan Alcantara. Morales 11-0 (6), Santiago 11-3-1 (5).

Tijuana, Mexico

Jorge Paez Jr UD-10 Omar Chavez: Julio Cesar Chavez's other son is 22 and could in theory get better. Julio Jr wasn't any good earlier in his career, either. But Julio Jr managed to convince judges that he'd won fights he probably hadn't a few times. Chavez now has two losses to Paez. One thing you can say about Omar that you can also say about JCC Jr, and always could, is that he'll fight you. There are worse things to be than a below average second generation fighter who has the stones to throw down. Paez 32-4-1 (19), Chavez 28-2-1 (21).

Bryan Vasquez TKO-9 Jorge Lacierva: Vasquez is a 24-year-old Costa Rican prospect in the super featherweight division, and this win over veteran Lacierva is a nice step for him. Lacierva ain't great, and he's small for 130, but he's a gritty little dude and a mean bastard. One of the dirtier fights in recent memory was Lacierva against Celestino Caballero in 2007, and also a great visual with 5'4" Lacierva flinging himself at 5'11" Caballero all night. Vasquez 29-0 (15), Lacierva 41-9-6 (27).

Piove di Sacco, Italy

Devis Boschiero UD-12 Ermano Fegatilli: This win nets 30-year-old Italian Boschiero the European super featherweight title, two fights after he failed in a bid to win the WBC belt against Takahiro Ao, in what wasn't a bad challenge at all, with Ao winning a split decision. Boschiero 30-1-1 (15), Fegatilli 25-5 (5).

Panama City, Panama

Alberto Mosquera UD-11 Miguel Callist: Mosquera stays unbeaten with a win over veteran Callist. Mosquera also almost once held the WBA interim junior welterweight title, but went to a draw with Brunet Zamora in his big chance to grab the interim brass ring. Callist, 37, returned to the ring last year after taking about three years off following a pretty one-sided loss to Devon Alexander. Mosquera 18-0-2 (13), Callist 27-8-1 (18).

Nicholas Walters TKO-4 Gustavo Sandoval: Walters is rated pretty highly by one of the sanctioning bodies, or maybe more than one of them, I don't really feel like checking. The 26-year-old Jamaican will probably have to get a mandatory title shot to get a title shot at all. Walters 21-0 (17), Sandoval 10-3-1 (9).

Charlie Jose Navarro TKO-2 Elvin Perez: Former Senchenko Special challenger Navarro wins his second straight after a one-sided loss to prospect Thomas Dulorme. Navarro 22-5 (17), Perez 23-7-4 (16).

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