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Cloud vs Pascal: Postponement Official, Promoters Weigh In

Tavoris Cloud and Jean Pascal will fight this fall, but their August 11 date is officially off. (Photo by Tom Casino/Showtime)
Tavoris Cloud and Jean Pascal will fight this fall, but their August 11 date is officially off. (Photo by Tom Casino/Showtime)
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The reported postponement of the scheduled August 11 fight between Tavoris Cloud and Jean Pascal has been made official, with both sides discussing the setback, which has come thanks to a hand injury to Pascal.

Pascal (26-2-1, 16 KO) hasn't fought since his May 2011 loss to Bernard Hopkins, but has been part of plenty of negotiations that have fallen through. Cloud (24-0, 19 KO) last fought in February, escaping with a robbery win in Texas over Gabriel Campillo.

The fight was eagerly anticipated, as many expect a true action battle, and the rumored new date is October 13. Tickets for the August 11 date will still be good for the new date, or may be reimbursed at the point of purchase.

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Jean Pascal

"I was so sad when the decision was made that I even cried. This is the first time it's happened to me for a fight. I haven't fought in 15 months and this was a golden opportunity for me. Thanks to everybody involved for rescheduling. This will make me stronger when I get in the ring."

Yvon Michel, GYM (Pascal's Promoter)

"Jean Pascal tried hard to fight through his hand injury with a cortisone shot and therapy, but after yesterday's second MRI on his hand, we were notified by Dr. Francis Fontaine that he would not give medical clearance for Jean Pascal to fight on August 11. The evaluation revealed that Jean has a bone bruise and only rest can heal it. He was in good physical condition and his weight was right where we wanted it to be at this stage. He had an excellent training camp, right on target, preparing to fight Cloud.

"Jean is a warrior. He tried extremely hard to convince us to let him fight because he believed he could beat Cloud with one good hand like he did when he defeated Adrian Diaconu with a dislocated shoulder. At 29 years old and reaching his peak, we were not about to let him jeopardize his career by fighting injured. Jean has always challenged and fought best during his career. He certainly is not afraid of Cloud.

"Cloud vs. Pascal is the best fight the light heavyweight division can provide. Both are fan friendly fighters who want to establish themselves as the best puncher in the 175-pound division. It's a huge fight in Montreal where tickets sales were very high and we were headed for a crowd of 10,000, which is great for a summer event in Montreal. Fans deserve to watch these two fighters at their physical bests. We are working with Stephen Espinoza and Don King to reschedule this great show in the fall. We are all committed to rescheduling and grateful that Showtime recognizes Cloud vs. Pascal as one of the most entertaining light heavyweight match-ups in years. Within a week we hope to have everything finalized in terms of rescheduled this great fight."

Don King (Cloud's Promoter)

"Pascal has Tavorisitis. He needs more time to get his courage up to fight this smaller version of Tyson. Tavoris is of the Tyson ilk. He's a search-and-destroy kind of guy.

"Pascal has been tweeting that he had a sad day because his Mercedes-Benz had a flat tire. Well, Tavoris is going to give Pascal a flat ass to go with his flat tire. This is going to be the fight of the decade. Tweet that!

"Tavoris Cloud is decreeing war on Jean Pascal and he's taking no prisoners. He told me he can't wait to get to Canada to destroy this faker and win the hearts and minds of his new Canadian brothers and sisters. Viva Canada!!!"

"When Tavoris heard Pascal said he cried over this injury, he said to just wait until he gets done with Pascal, he'll be crying like a baby."

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