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Guerrero vs Aydin Results: Photos and Quotes From the Fighters

Robert Guerrero had reason to celebrate last night in San Jose. (Photo by Esther Lin/Showtime)
Robert Guerrero had reason to celebrate last night in San Jose. (Photo by Esther Lin/Showtime)

Last night on Showtime from San Jose, Robert Guerrero scored an exciting win in his welterweight debut against Selcuk Aydin in the main event, and on the undercard, Shawn Porter stayed unbeaten against Alfonso Gomez, George Groves did the same against Francisco Sierra, and Hugo Centeno kept his "0" against Ayi Bruce.

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Robert Guerrero (30-1-1, 18 KO)

"He's a strong guy. I want to take on the best and that's why we challenged him. It's my first fight back in a year and I took care of business.

"I believe in my talents and my skills. I stood with him a little too long, but I'm a fighter. Now you know I can take a shot at the welterweight division. Floyd Mayweather, you want this belt, it's right here. Come and get it. "

Selcuk Aydin (23-1, 17 KO)

"I think I did wrong, not the judges. I could not do what I wanted to do. It's my mistake, I blame it on me. After the fourth round something happened with me. I saw double and I don't know why, but there's no excuse - I lost."

Al Bernstein (Showtime Sports)

"It was fairly remarkable that Guerrero was able to move up two weight classes after a long layoff and win a battle of attrition with a true welterweight. Aydin is not a stylist and has technique issues, but he is a powerful puncher and he made this an exciting fight."

Shawn Porter (20-0, 14 KO)

"He has a lot of heart. We came in here and we knew what to expect. I'm an aggressive fighter, my team knows that. If there's anything I can change it's that I come forward too much.

"I'm 20 and 0. I can do 10 (rounds) with no problem. I'm on my way up to 12."

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All photos by Esther Lin/Showtime

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