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Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Lightweights: Puerto Rico's Verdejo, India's Bhagwan Among Winners

India's Jai Bhagwan, China's Qiang Liu, and Puerto Rico's Felix Verdejo were among the standouts in this morning's lightweight bouts.
India's Jai Bhagwan, China's Qiang Liu, and Puerto Rico's Felix Verdejo were among the standouts in this morning's lightweight bouts.
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Our live coverage of this morning's Olympic boxing action continues here, with the first six welterweight bouts coming up. Here are the results from this morning's lightweight bouts.

Lightweight (132 lbs/60kg)

Wellington Arias (Dominican Republic) def. Eduar Marriaga (Colombia), 17-8: Very nice boxing display from the southpaw Arias, who was clever from the outside, too quick and too sharp for Marriaga, who was very basic. Teddy Atlas went off on some bit about squares and triangles, so that was a good start to the morning. Unfortunately for Arias, he moves on to face Ukraine's Vasyl Lomachenko, the best amateur fighter in the world.

Ahmed Mejri (Tunisia) def. Shafig Chitou (Benin), 16-9: Not a bad fight, but Teddy was going wild here, too, with the wild card having improved offense in baseball and other such nonsense. Teddy decided to call Mejri "Magee" the entire fight, too. Chitou gave as good an effort as he could, but Mejri was a better fighter. Third round was a bit dull as Chitou tried to come back from a 9-5 deficit and Mejri just looked to protect the lead. Mejri had some good body work.

Felix Verdejo (Puerto Rico) vs Juan Huertas (Panama), 11-5: Fine performance from Verdejo, who was smart, efficient, and boxed very well. Huertas was out-thought and out-fought in this one. Verdejo, 19, looks a possible third round opponent for Lomachenko.

Gani Zhailauov (Kazkhstan) def. Saylom Ardee (Thailand) on countback, 12-12: Very debatable outcome, but not a robbery. Zhailauov had his nose bloodied in first round, and opted to lose his mind for a moment because of it, but he settled in after that. It was 8-8 after two, and they tied 4-4 in the third. It was a messy fight at times, but interesting.

Jai Bhagwan (India) def. Andrique Allisop (Seychelles), 18-8: Bhagwan, like countryman Vijender Singh yesterday, was smooth in the ring. Classy operator. He dominated this fight against a determined Allisop, and might be someone to watch out for moving forward.

Qiang Liu (China) def. Luke Jackson (Australia), 20-7: The Aussie gave up a lot of height here, and just couldn't figure out what to do in there. Liu totally dominated the fight, and just had his way in there, putting some mustard on the win by scoring an eight count just before the end of the fight. Liu now faces Cuba's Yasnier Toledo in round two.

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