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Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Welterweights: Great Britain's Evans, Canada's Clayton Score First Round Wins

Great Britain's Freddie Evans was undoubtedly the star in London this morning, beating Algeria's Ilyas Abbadi.
Great Britain's Freddie Evans was undoubtedly the star in London this morning, beating Algeria's Ilyas Abbadi.
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Our live coverage of this morning's Olympic boxing action has concluded, but we'll be back at 3:30 EDT with more from the lightweight and welterweight divisions in the round of 32. Here's the rundown of the first six welterweight bouts from London.

[ Lightweight Results - 7/29 Morning Session ]

Welterweight (152 lbs/69kg)

Vasilii Belous (Moldova) def. Selemani Kidunda (Tanzania), 21-7: Pretty easy win for Belous, who had no trouble with Kidunda in this fight at all. This wasn't really an emphatic domination so much as a leisurely stroll in the park sort of a fight for Belous, who won't have that luxury in the round of 16 against Ukraine's Taras Shelestyuk.

Tuvshinbat Byamba (Mongolia) def. Yannick Mitoumba Mbemy (Gabon), 17-4: Another wipeout decision. Easy, easy win for Byamba, who was better in every way. Mitoumba just couldn't do anything at all.

Alexis Vastine (France) def. Patrick Wojcicki (Germany), 16-12: Finally, we get another competitive fight. Vastine, who won bronze in 2008 at light welter, beat out his own brother for the Olympic spot in France. Here, he got a solid test from Wojcicki, whose left hook was dangerous. Vastine wound up outworking him and won a solid fight. At first glances today, I believe there's a chance Byamba will bother him next round.

Custio Clayton (Canada) def. Oscar Molina (Mexico), 12-8: This one was a chess match through the first two rounds, but Molina (younger brother of former Olympian and current mediocre pro Javier) gave it a go in the third, trailing 6-3 into the round. He did some good work, but it wasn't enough, as Clayton outscored him 6-5 in the final round and sealed the win.

Cameron Hammond (Australia) def. Moustapha Abdoulaye Hima (Niger), 13-6: Hammond took advantage of Hima's aggression and off-balance attacks, but Hima gave a terrific effort through the entire fight. He really came to win, but was a bit out of his depth. Good fight, too. As Teddy Atlas put it, Hima knew how to try, but not how to try effectively.

Freddie Evans (Great Britain) def. Ilyas Abbadi (Algeria), 18-10: This was a good fight. Crowd was rocking, of course, for Evans, who started a bit rocky but settled in and took over after the first round. Abbadi's performance deserves credit -- he was a big underdog and fighting on someone's home turf, and I thought gave a fine accounting of himself. Evans is a guy to watch, but he's got Lithuania's Egidijus Kavaliauskas in the next round waiting for him.

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