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Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Lightweights: Jose Ramirez Keeps Team USA Rolling (Updated Brackets)

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The lightweights have finished their first round, and Team USA's Jose Ramirez won a thriller to keep the Americans unbeaten over the first two days. Here's the afternoon rundown for the lightweights, with the welterweights finishing up next. Our live coverage continues here.

[ Morning Results: Lightweight / Welterweight ]

Lightweight (132 lbs/60kg) (August 2)

Josh Taylor (Great Britain) def. Robson Conceicao (Brazil), 13-9: Bob Papa and Teddy Atlas both questioned the scoring, as did some others on Twitter and the like. I thought it was fairly fair, so to speak. Maybe Conceicao didn't get enough credit. Decent fight. Taylor now has to face Domenico Valentino of Italy in round two, which is going to be a hell of an ask of him.

Evaldas Petrauskas (Lithuania) def. Miklos Varga (Hungary), 20-12: Petrauskas was all action, throwing punches from start to finish. He scored standing eights in the second and third rounds, and while I'm not a fan of the standing eight in almost any instance, it was just part of the offensive domination of Petrauskas here.

Fatih Keles (Turkey) def. Abdelkader Chadi (Algeria), 15-8: Chadi was a quarterfinal fighter in 2008, but he's out in one here, and he clearly lost the fight, too, never really competitive throughout.

Fazliddin Gaibnazarov (Uzbekistan) def. Yhyacinthe Mewoli Abdon (Cameroon), 11-6: Neither fighter was impressive, to be honest. Gabnazarov clinched a bit much and both of them looked mediocre at best. Just wasn't an enjoyable fight to watch.

Jose Ramirez (United States) def. Racchid Azzedine (France), 21-20: This was a tremendous fight, best of the tournament thus far, and Ramirez keeps Team USA rolling in the opening rounds. Ramirez showed a pro style, I thought, and Azzedine was good and game, but I truly do believe Ramirez won and deserved the win. Hard-fought all the way, and more offense than we've seen in any other fight, thus the high score. USA! USA! USA! USA!

Soonchul Han (South Korea) def. Mohamed Eliwa (Egypt), 11-6: Poor Azzerdine. He was better than both of these guys, and both of the guys who fought before he and Ramirez. That's the draw.

Lightweight (132 lbs/60kg) (August 2)

Vasyl Lomachenko (Ukraine) vs Wellington Arias Romero (Dominican Republic)
Ahmed Mejri (Tunisia) vs Felix Verdejo (Puerto Rico)

Gani Zhailauov (Kazkhstan) vs Jai Bhagwan (India)
Qiang Liu (China) vs Yasnier Toledo (Cuba)

Josh Taylor (Great Britain) vs Domenico Valentino (Italy)
Evaldas Petrauskas (Lithuania) vs Fatih Keles (Turkey)

Fazliddin Gaibnazarov (Uzbekistan) vs Jose Ramirez (United States)
Soonchul Han (South Korea) vs Vazgen Safaryants (Belarus)

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