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Alfredo Angulo Video Interview at ICE Detention Center in California

Alfredo Angulo's name comes up pretty much every time there's a discussion of the junior middleweight division, with many not realizing that Angulo has been detained in the ICE Service Processing Center in El Centro, Calif., since January.

Damon Bingham and Max Boxing got a chance to interview Angulo there. Here is a condensed version of the three-hour interview, with Angulo describing the conditions he's been living in, comparing it to prison:

"The other day, detainees were doing a construction job, where they were laying out a cement floor that took them eight hours to do. They got one dollar. It's just ridiculous.

"In jails where there are serious criminals, they get paid 45 cents an hour. Seems better, because they get close to four bucks a day. The difference is, is that criminals in prison are paying a price for hurting someone, or doing something wrong. This is supposed to be simply a detention center.

"There are telephones here that you must pay for to speak to your family. If you have no money, of course you will work to be able to speak to your family. There are vending machines. Of course, they are motivating you to work. You must buy all your personal necessities. A tiny bottle of shampoo costs two dollars. Soap, two dollars. Deodorant is two dollars. It's ridiculous how much everything costs you here.

"In the barracks, there are strict rules and schedules you must live by. There are 32 barracks, two shower rooms, bathrooms, two TV rooms, six game tables, a telephone area, a small field. It's ridiculous, the drinking fountains are right in front of the bathrooms that you share. There are no divisions. You see everyone going to the bathroom. How are you going to want to get a drink of water while someone's pissing in front of you?

"They say this is a detention center. But I see it as a prison. There is no difference. I find it ridiculous how many guards are working here at once. There are 300 guards, and about 450 detained persons, and the majority are not criminals. That's almost one guard per person here. It's money being wasted. Government money. If I'm correct, there have been major cuts on education spending, but there is a lot of money to spend on a place like this?"

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