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Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Flyweights: Puerto Rico's Cintron, Egypt's Abdelaal Get Questionable Wins

Questionable scoring hampered a good run of fights this morning in the flyweight division.
Questionable scoring hampered a good run of fights this morning in the flyweight division.
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Our live coverage of the morning session from London continues here, with the light heavyweights up next. Team USA's Marcus Browne will challenge Australian medal hope Damien Hooper in the final fight of the morning at about 10:45 a.m. EDT.

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Flyweight (114 lbs/52kg)

Samir Brahimi (Algeria) def. Jackson Woods (Australia), 14-12: Woods led 6-3 after one and 9-8 after two, but Brahimi completed his comeback and took the fight down the stretch. It's another tough break for the Aussies, who have had an overall rough start to their boxing campaign in London, but top medal hope Damien Hooper is still coming up later this morning in the light heavyweight division. Brahimi faces Misha Aloyan of Russia in round two.

Juliao Henriques (Brazil) def. Jong Chol Pak (North Korea), 12-8: I just got going with this one, really, after sorting my live viewing situation. Anyway, neither really stood out. Henriques got the win and deserved it.

Jeyvier Cintron (Puerto Rico) def. Oteng Oteng (Botswana), 14-12: Robbery. I'd find some other word, but there isn't one. Oteng got shafted on the scores in round two, and got jobbed overall. He clearly won rounds two and three, but he now has to go home. London crowd disagreed, Oteng simply left the ring.

Hesham Abdelaal (Egypt) def. Benson Njangiru (Kenya), 19-16: Questionable scoring, but not as bad as the Cintron-Oteng fight, at least. The upside of both bouts is that they were really good. In fact, every fight here was good (I can't judge the first fight). Njangiru did not get enough credit, in my view. Both were sharp, though. Abdelaal moves on to face Jasurbek Latipov (Uzbekistan) in the second round.

Tugstsogt Nyambayar (Mongolia) def. Elvin Mamishzada (Azerbaijan), 18-11: Good, high-level boxing in this one. Nyambayar came back from a 5-4 deficit in the first to win a 7-3 second round, which really turned things around, obviously. Nyambayar will now face Italy's Vincenzo Picardi in the second round.

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