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Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Light Welterweights: Tunisia's Ouya Pulls Upset of Gadzhialiyev (Updated Brackets)

The light welterweights finished their opening round today, with a big upset seeing Azerbaijan's hope fall.
The light welterweights finished their opening round today, with a big upset seeing Azerbaijan's hope fall.
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The light welterweights finished up in London this afternoon, and the round of 32 has been completed. Tomorrow, we have the bantamweights back for their second round, and the heavyweights and super heavyweights get going in their rounds of 16.

We had one big upset this afternoon, and updated brackets are at the bottom.

[ Morning Results: Light Flyweights / Light Welterweights ]
[ Afternoon Results:
Light Flyweights ]

Light Welterweight (141 lbs/64kg)

Manoj Kumar (India) def. Serdar Hudayberdiyev (Turkmenistan), 13-7: Good fight, and with Kumar up heading into the third, Hudayberdiyev gave a big, honest effort in the final round, and as a result, both had to leave it in the ring. Kumar moves on to face Tom Stalker of Great Britain on August 4.

Richarno Colin (Mauritius) def. Abdelhak Aatakni (Morocco), 16-10: Very exciting fight, pretty much pro-style with headgear and vests. Both gave big-time effort and turned it into a slugfest. Colin moves on and earned it all the way.

Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg (Mongolia) def. Zdenek Chiladek (Czech Republic), 20-12: The Mongol was really terrific here, and frustrated the hell out of Chiladek, who tried to rough it up a bit to get in the fight, but it just didn't happen. Not totally uncompetitive, but Uranchimeg's class showed.

Jeff Horn (Australia) vs Gilbert Choombe (Zambia), 19-5: Horn got a very fortunate draw here, as this was easy pickings against a tentative opponent who just didn't let his hands go much at all. Next round should present a much stiffer test for Horn, and we'll see how good he really is. This was a cakewalk, with respect to Choombe as Zambia's only fighter at the games.

Abderrazak Ouya (Tunisia) def. Gaybatulla Gadzhialiyev (Azerbaijan), 19-16: Whoa now! Ouya scores an upset on an 11-5 third round, which was highly questionable. Gadzhialiyev did lose the third round, but not 11-5. No way. Hard to even think of more to say about this one. Mind-blowing decision in that round.

Anthony Yigit (Sweden) def. Francisco Vargas (Puerto Rico), 13-9: Fairly evenly-matched, but Vargas just didn't land accurately enough, particularly in a strong opening round for Yigit. It was a pretty good fight to close out the round. Yigit now has to face 2011 World Amateur Championships silver medalist Denis Berinchyk, a potential gold winner this year.

Light Welterweight (141 lbs/64kg) (August 4)

Everton Lopes (Brazil) vs Roniel Iglesias (Cuba)
Uktamjon Rahmonov (Uzbekistan) vs Yakup Sener (Turkey)

Daniyar Yeleussinov (Kazakhstan) vs Mehdi Toloutibandpi (Iran)
Gyula Kate (Hungary) vs Vincenzo Mangiacapre (Italy)

Tom Stalker (Great Britain) vs Manoj Kumar (India)
Richarno Colin (Mauritius) vs Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg (Mongolia)

Jeff Horn (Australia) vs Abderrazak Ouya (Tunisia)
Denis Berinchyk (Ukraine) vs Anthony Yigit (Sweden)

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