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Golovkin vs Proksa Video: HBO Promo For Sept. 1 Boxing After Dark

It still seems almost weird to me that this is actually going to be an HBO card. There are exactly zero guys with true name value in the States on this show, but HBO is caught up in the middleweight division no matter what happens with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Sergio Martinez on September 15.

Chavez might just move up to 168 after that fight, but Sergio likely stays at 160 win or lose, and HBO is invested in his career at this point. They have to help "create" opponents. In Martinez's last three fights, they've basically pulled Dzinziruk, Barker, and Macklin out of thin air as far as most of the U.S. boxing audience is concerned. They can't keep doing that.

The really good news is that Golovkin vs Proksa should be a hell of a fight, and could be a ferocious battle if all really goes well in the ring. If their styles click and they come to impress -- as they should, since a loss here could mean no more HBO work -- it could be killer stuff.

The co-feature's OK. HBO owes Dzinziruk money and a fight date because they kinda got bent over roping him into the Sergio fight in March 2011, so they had to stick him somewhere. Viewership expectations for this should be extremely low, to be honest, so this is about as good a place to put him as any. And if Jonathan Gonzalez wins, then hey, we've got a Puerto Rican prospect who joins the party at 154 pounds.

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