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Canelo vs Lopez Video: Promo For Canelo Alvarez's Showtime Debut

This video promo for Canelo Alvarez's Showtime debut, which comes on September 15 against Josesito Lopez, does make him pretty much look like a kickass superstar, and that is the intention. Just highlights of a guy whompin' on dudes, Jack Nicholson giving him the what's up, some fancy car (I don't care about cars, so I don't know what it is). Makes him seem cool.

Showtime landing Alvarez is a big deal for them, but I don't know that it's honestly a good move for Canelo Alvarez. He'll make his money either way and all, but Showtime doesn't have the viewer numbers HBO does. Then again it seems like a lot of "boxing-heads" don't pay for these channels and instead rely on the internet to watch fights either illegally live, or on video after, so maybe it doesn't really matter at all.

I like Canelo, but as a fan of underdogs and guys who don't have pretty, fluffy, protected records, I'm rooting for Josesito to pull it off on September 15. I don't think he will, but I also didn't think he'd bust Victor Ortiz's face and beat him, either.

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