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Josesito Lopez on Canelo Fight: 'I Have No Fear, I Don't Fear Anyone'

"I have no fear. I don't fear anyone. Every fighter is a strong fighter, is a dangerous fighter. Anybody can hurt you."

"I didn't really think it could happen. It wasn't supposed to be a fight for me. Victor Ortiz was just supposed to win, and fight Canelo, and make it a big fight. I messed up those plans."

"People are comparing me to Rocky. I have that story, I've worked my way up the hard way. All I need is just a handful of people to believe in me. I have plenty of time to get ready, and I feel this is my moment. Let's continue. Let lightning strike twice."

"We stared each other down. We sized each other up. I've always been the skinnier guy, the smalelr guy. Size does not intimidate me whatsoever. I heard the same exact thing when I fought Victor Ortiz, that this guy's way too big, way too strong, he's gonna have you out of there in five rounds. Look at what happened there. You can tell (Canelo) tried to intimidate me, but there's not intimidating here. Victor Ortiz is just as big as Canelo. I'm pretty sure they punch just as hard, but we'll find out on September 15."

"People will know me. People will see my skill. I'm not just a pushover. No matter what size difference, I'm a fighter. As long as I feel strong and I have plenty of time to prepare, I think we're gonna go in there and surprise the world one more time."

"Yes, Canelo can be beat. And I'm the one that can beat him."



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