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Ward vs Dawson Video: One-on-One Interview with the Fighters

I love this interview. I really do. So let's get by my minor complaint and then move on to why this is so awesome, and why Andre Ward is so goddamned frightening.

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That music has gotta go. I'm really tired of that music. It's too much. It's really corny at this point. They use it for all these things. I think it's stock music from the crappy remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with the Jessica Biel lady, who was like, "I'm not just a babe, you guys, I can really act," but then if I get going on the TCM remake, we'll be here for hours, so let's move on and not get me started on her Superwoman routine. I hated that movie.

But listen, what makes this really kind of scary is Andre Ward. He has this cold, relaxed, dead-eyed seriousness -- he's in the zone, but he's not intense -- he's not all pulling mean mug faces and trying to convince everyone that he is in fact in the zone. There's nothing phony or forced.

He's so incredibly calm and confident that he's almost bored with the idea of having to field questions about this fight. He knows what he's going to do. He's convinced that yes, Chad Dawson is a good fighter, but no, Chad Dawson cannot beat Andre Ward. As if the very idea amuses him.

There is no doubt in his mind whatsoever. Really look at his eyes while he's answering Dawson's questions. And listen to Chad Dawson and watch him. There's a nervousness to Dawson that simply doesn't exist in Ward. Ward takes control -- asking questions back, dominating the conversation in return. It's not a turnover to Ward's time to ask questions, he just takes it from Dawson. Rips the control away from him.

And the way Ward asks questions to Dawson -- man, he is trying to bully Chad Dawson with questions. He's almost toying with Dawson's emotions. He gives him a moment of respect, and then yanks it away and makes it about himself.

Andre Ward might be about as nice a guy as you're going to find in a boxing, a stand-up dude, a good role model, and all that crap, but he is a nasty SOB, too, in and out of the ring. Fuck "swagger" -- this guy has the sort of supreme belief in himself that you just can't fake.

As for Dawson, I'm not trying to cut down on Chad here, so I hope it doesn't come off that way. But I think he got busted up hard in this interview, and it makes me think about the fight on September 8, where I kind of expect Ward to use similar tactics. Bullying (Ward is maybe the best bully fighter in the sport), subtle pressuring, attempts to wreck Dawson's confidence. It's going to be interesting. Dawson has all the physical tools to beat Andre Ward. But Andre Ward is more than physical tools. A lot more.

Yes, y'all, I am fully on board for Ward vs Dawson. I said it. I'll stand by it.

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