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Ward vs Dawson 24/7 Video: Full Episode

<a href="" target="new">Andre Ward vs Chad Dawson - Full Coverage</a>
Andre Ward vs Chad Dawson - Full Coverage

I'll give you the mega-epic Liev Schreiber opening narration transcript:

"A servant to his faith. A master of his craft. Andre Ward last tasted defeat in the ring at the age of 12, earning Olympic gold before besting his first 25 professional opponents.

"Over the course of a decade, he has established himself as a dominant force in the sport. As soft-spoken as widely-feared. Of talent so esteemed, rarely has Chad Dawson stepped between the ropes as an underdog.

"Two champions at the apex of their skill, on a journey begun by their fathers, find inspiration in those closest to carry them farthest in search of lasting legacy. On Saturday, September 8th, the paths of Andre Ward and Chad Dawson converge in a ring both men will share to combat for a victory only one can have.

"This is a story of two American champions preparing for one fight to define their careers. This is 24/7: Road to Ward-Dawson."


Full episode video is after the jump, and click here for full Ward vs Dawson coverage.

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