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Chavez Jr vs Martinez 24/7 Video: First Look at Sergio Martinez Training Camp

Sergio Martinez:

"I think the people who will be watching 24/7 will get to know the real me, the real Sergio Martinez. They'll get to know the real professional and the human being as well, as much as I can show, and what you'll be showing, and it will be really enjoyable for them and for everyone who watches this.

"There's nothing different about my training. I'm much more motivated than ever, maybe that's where my advantage lies compared to other fights. My motivation is intense. In that sense, I'd say every day I'm pushing my body harder in every training day, and so I'm probably also a lot more tired, too. But it's really satisfying for me, this work.

"I've got the biggest goal of my career, to win in Las Vegas and take back the belt at 160 pounds. Chavez doesn't make me worried at all. He can be training. Let's hope he's training as best he can, so that we have a great fight and put on a great show, but there's nothing I'm worried about. It's the opposite.

"Anything that happens, anything he does makes me even more motivated. That night is going to be a great night for boxing. We're going to make history together. We're going to make history."


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