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Canelo vs Lopez Video: Showtime All Access Episode One Preview

Showtime All Access for Canelo vs Lopez will premiere on Wednesday, September 5 at 10 p.m. EDT, previewing the September 15 fight that hopes to steal at least a few eyes away from the Chavez Jr vs Martinez PPV that night.

I've made clear already, and haven't changed my mind, that I'll be watching Chavez Jr vs Martinez live, and that's what I'll be covering here on the site that night, with Brent Brookhouse taking this show. But they're doing a good job promoting Canelo vs Lopez, I think -- more and more, it's a fight I'm looking forward to.

I know very well that the fears here -- Lopez is just too small, not physical enough, won't be able to take the beating from Canelo, who is a very good fighter -- might turn out to be exactly what we get. But Josesito Lopez is just the kind of guy I love to root for. He's had no major push. He doesn't have a power promoter. He lucked into a fight with Victor Ortiz in June, where he was supposed to get smoked, and instead broke the man's jaw and beat him.

I still heavily favor Canelo Alvarez here. I expect him to win without a lot of trouble. But I'm not 100% convinced of it. Lopez is a tough, talented fighter who might very well be coming into his own. He's fearless. He really thinks he can win. And Canelo's side does not appear to be taking him lightly in any way -- Canelo was ringside for Ortiz vs Lopez. He knows what Lopez is capable of doing.

Hell, maybe I'm just being a sucker with this one, but I'm loving the fight in some sort of spiritual way. If it stinks, we'll say so later.

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