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Chavez Jr vs Martinez Video: Face Off with Max Kellerman (Full)

I can't really decide what the best exchange is here. Beyond the Jessica Biel music, this is really a great Face Off, probably the best ever. Now granted, I'm expecting a Fight of the Year type fight here, so I'm pretty much pumped for this fight, and willing to get into it. "Oh yeah! He told him!" "Oh shit! He came back!" and so on.

I think my favorite part might be Julio trying to present Sebastian Zbik as a prime time opponent and Sergio just shooting that down. Just taking a dump on the idea. Or maybe it's Chavez pointing at his chin with that shit-eating grin on his face. It's all great.

No, no, no. My favorite part, the clear best part, is this:

Chavez: "If I win, what are you going to say?"

Martinez: "I just told you how it will go down. It's a matter of logic."

That is stone cold badassery right there. That is icy. And that damned Chavez, he doesn't even care. The reason I've taken to Lil' Julio over the last while, a year or so, is because he doesn't care. He doesn't care about my expectations, or yours, or the boxing pundits and media and fans who aren't naturally on his side, carrying the Chavez flag and not listening to this "logic" that Martinez is talking about.

Yes, Chavez has been helped, he's had a lot of easy road fights along the way, and now here he is, and I will say flat-out, he's a legitimate fighter now, a legitimate contender at middleweight, and maybe his belt is paper thin, but how many out there aren't? He comes to fight, he's not afraid, and I think the time to complain about the road behind him is done. He's facing the man considered by all the world's best middleweight. He's doing it. He's showing up. And he's going to fight.

I haven't looked forward to a fight this way in a while, certainly not any other fight this year, and there's been some good stuff. This has it all on paper. And I'm willing to bet it delivers in the ring.


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