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Chavez Jr vs Martinez 24/7 Video: First Look at Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Training Camp

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr:

"I remember I used to go to fights all the time. So many Mexicans, when Chavez was fighting, it was craziness. I hope this phenomenon happens again. I want to be the best in the world in my weight. There is not another fight that interests me. There's not another fight that I want and long for more, than to fight against Sergio Martinez.

"I think he is a little frustrated because people, he talks right now, people will forget. He fights, and he gives great fights, but the next day, people don't remember it. I mean I respect him, but this is reality.

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"I'm taller bigger, younger, I've had better schooling in boxing. I'm sure I'm hungrier than him at this moment. He fights for money and fame, things that I have always had. So I fight for something else.

"I have many advantages, and I will show them on the 15th."


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