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Solo Boxeo Results: Diego Magdaleno, Jose Benavidez, Mike Lee All Win

Diego Magdaleno, Mike Lee, and Jose Benavidez were all successful on Solo Boxeo Tecate.
Diego Magdaleno, Mike Lee, and Jose Benavidez were all successful on Solo Boxeo Tecate.

Diego Magdaleno stayed unbeaten tonight with a predictable and fairly easy win over badly faded veteran Antonio Davis in Las Vegas, stopping the 40-year-old at 2:59 of the fourth round.

Magdaleno (23-0, 9 KO) had no trouble with Davis (29-8, 13 KO) in the fight, beating him up with some body shots and bossing every second of the bout, with Davis pretty consistently in retreat mode. If you've seen Antonio Davis in his prime and then in the last few years, there's a stark difference. He was never great, really, but he was a fine fighter. Those days are long gone. He now has trouble pulling the trigger, has trouble taking shots, and just doesn't have the same spirit anyway. He's tough, because he's a fighter, but he doesn't have it.

It's hard to take much from this win for Magdaleno, but he keeps moving forward, or at least sideways, or whatever. Not backward, at any rate.

Undercard notes after the jump.

Jose Benavidez TKO-4 Javier Loya: Nothing was known about Loya other than like Benavidez, he's from Arizona. Now we know a few other things: He's real brave, real game, and not on Benavidez's level. This was one-sided all the way with Benavidez picking Loya apart until Tony Weeks had seen enough in the fourth round, official time of 1:41. Benavidez 16-0 (13), Loya 7-1 (6).

Mike Lee TKO-2 Tyler Seever: Tyler Seever was every bit as good as you'd expect a .500 Missouri club fighter who had been stopped eight times entering this fight to be. Lee 10-0 (6), Seever 13-12-1 (11).

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