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Olympics Women's Boxing Recap - Round of 16: USA's Underwood Falls to Great Britain's Jonas in London

Natasha Jonas of Great Britain (blue) defeated Queen Underwood of the United States (red) on the first day of women's boxing in Olympic history. (Photo by John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)
Natasha Jonas of Great Britain (blue) defeated Queen Underwood of the United States (red) on the first day of women's boxing in Olympic history. (Photo by John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

The first-ever day of women's boxing at the Olympic games has come and gone in London, as 16 fights over three divisions in the opening round took place this morning.

Notably for most of you reading, Team USA's Queen Underwood, our lightweight entrant, fell short against Great Britain's Natasha Jonas. A full recap with round-by-round is after the jump, thanks to our friend and longtime poster BoxAnne, who was up and decided to put in the great effort this morning. I thank her, and you should, too.

Women's Flyweight (112 lbs/51kg)

Elena Savelyeva (Russia) def. Hye Song Kim (North Korea), 12-9

Savelyeva boxing since 16, goes to the body. Savelyeva should have won the first round, in a normal world. She got it, 3-2.

Kim falls down to start R2. Wide hooks from bothe fighters. The tank tops of the amateurs makes them virtually indistinguishable from the guys. Savelyeva switches stances. Kim larger but bad footwork. Lots of holding, nuther 3-2 round for the Russian.

R3, silent agreement time says Teddy. Now here comes Savalyeva. Straight left, straight right, Russia. Good right hook, Salelyeva. Four rounds for the women to make up for ridiculous 2 min. rounds, I guess. Kim does not keep her feet set, falls in a lot. Savelyeva wins, I would hope.

12 to 9, Savelyeva wins.

Karlha Magliocco (Venezuela) def. Erica Matos (Brazil), 15-14

Magliocca scores first. She’s the one who could be heard cheering on her team on previous days. Maglliocca pressures Matos, a southpaw, into the corner and scores. 3-2 Magliocco R1. Both women better than Savelyeva or Kim. Better fundamentals. Energetic exchange, then they tie up.

Matos takes R2 3-1. Countered well, let Magliocco take the risks, better control of range and distance.

R3. Matos warned for holding, which is deeply questionable. Loses 2 points. Magliocca wins that round 5-3, was more aggressive that round, but shouldn’t have got those warning points.
R4 Matos doing better, coming on. Both down again. Another warning to Matos. Not cool. Ref.apparently warns both. Matos countered by Magliocco, who’s better on the inside. Wow, good right by Matos, following scoring punch by Magliocco.

15-14, Magliocco wins. Hold warning is the difference. Matos should have won that fight. What else is new?

Mary Kom (India) def. Karolina Michalczuk (Poland), 19-14

Kom in blue, southpaw, Michalczuk walks in, Wolak style, Kom countering, landing. Missed the score

R2 Woo, uppercut lands for Kom. GREAT FIGHT. Michalczuk keeps barrelling in, feet square and wide, landing but also getting clocked. Pole’s punches are wide.

Kom ahead 8-7

R3 Kom scoring again. Very good footwork from Kom. Michalczuk’s pressure adding up, good right from Kom. 7-3, Kom.

R4. Woops, good left from Michalczuk. Kom comes right back. Good right hook, Kom.
Michalczuk goes straight back. Really fun fight.

19-14, Kom good score, good fight.

Stoyka Petrova (Bulgaria) def. Siona Fernandes (New Zealand), 23-11

R1: Good left from Petrova. Petrova looks better to me, southpaw. Fast hands. Petrova’s good, R1 5-2 Petrova. Fernandes can’t figure Petrova out.

R2: Petrova good form, good footwork, getting lots of punches off. Good right by Petrova. Petrova up 9-5

R3: Urgency from Fernandes, some good right hooks. Not good enough, can’t get inside.

R4: Eight count for Fernandes. No hope for her, which is cool, as Petrova won fair and square.

Women's Lightweight (132 lbs/60kg)

Natasha Jonas (Great Britain) def. Queen Underwood (United States), 21-13

R1: Underwood coming on stronger than Teddy saying, scoring at round’s beginning, then again at end. Underwood, 4-3

R2: Underwood, good jab, scoring with a right. Teddy whinging about about Underwood, but she’s doing fine. Good straight right from Underwood. Shutting Teddy up.Jonas 4-2 on that round.

R3: Here comes Underwood! Jonas throws her down. Good left from Underwood, good right. Brits going mad for Jonas, Jonas 6-3.

R4: Underwood fighting wild and desperate, takes a standing 8..Jonas wins fair and square, 21-13, 8-4 last round. Underwood was too emotional I think.

Cheng Dong (China) def. Mihaela Lacatus (Romania), 10-5

They cut the first round on NBC. Cheng Dong took it, 3-1 I think (not sure).

R2: Breakfast pre-empted R2, my apologies. China still ahead, 5-2. Wide stance on Cheng, but otherwise clearly superior

R3: Lacatus trying harder, but not getting anywhere. Well, she tied for R3, 2-2.

R4: More bad refereeing, ref gave Cheng an 8 count for being more or less fouled. Cheng was on the ropes, instead of protecting her, gives her an 8 count.

Not the best fight of the morning.

Adriana Araujo (Brazil) def. Saida Khassenov (Kazakhstan), 16-14

R1: Khassenov moving well. "Casanova" from Teddy. Khassenov lost a previous match to Araujo, had been a karate student. More aggressive so far. Khassenov 3-2.

R2: Araujo trained by Popo Freitas’s trainer, doing better this round. Got some shots through, might have evened up. 4-4 round Khassenov still ahead, by 1, I think.

R3: Both announcers sticking with Casenova, may be a fem. ending in Kazhakstan. Araujo more economical, which may backfire. Araujo is coming on a bit, 4-2 round, Araujo now ahead 10-9.

R4: Wow, Araujo just hit Khassenov twice hard on the break. got a warning, which is correct. Plus an 8 count for K. which doesn’t affect scores in this setting.

Here we go—Araujo wins anyway 16-14.

Alexis Pritchard (New Zealand) def. Rim Jouini (Tunisia), 15-10

R1: Jouini beat Pritchard 18-6 previously, this is a rematch. Missed that round, distractions. 4-3 Pritchard.

R2: Jouini punching but not effectively. 4-2, Jouini nonetheless..

R3: Warning to Jouini, not sure why. No apparent reason. Now saying hit on break, but not clear at all at the time.

R4: Pritchard getting some home cooking, IMO. Although she just KD’s Jouini, not called as such.

Women's Middleweight (165 lbs/75kg)

Marina Volnova (Kazakhstan) def. Elizabeth Andiego (Kenya), 20-11

R1: Andiego slips, victim of shorter arms, for one thing. American yellow shoes on Kenyan. 6-5, Volnova.

R2: Volnova clearly just better. Clunky legs on Andiego, just walks in, though she’s doing better. Good right by Volnova. Volnova, 5-3

R3: Volnova delivers good right hands. Her best punch, comes on strong at round’s end. 17-8 overall.

R4: Andeigo did better last round, Volnova still ahead. 20-11 win for Volnova, not surprisingly.

Anna Laurell (Sweden) def. Naomi-Lee Fischer-Rasmussen (Australia), 24-17

R1: Good grief, looks like two different weight classes. Aussie comes on just the same.4-4 tied round. Thought Rasmussen did better.

R2: Wow, here goes Rasmussen—not inrimidated by size. One two, Rasmussen. Woof good left by Laurell. Laurell 6-3, which seems real wide to me.

R3: Yipe good right to the chops by Rasmussen. Good combos by Laurell. Right by Laurell.

R4: Laurell moves on, 24-17 Laurell. She for sure won the last round.

Jinzi Li (China) def. Roseli Feitosa (Brazil), 19-14

R1: Li Jinzi 4-2

R2: Li Jinzi in control, good left hook overall, at ease in ring. Feitosa not throwing to speak of. Has the height, can’t seem to use it. 13-7 overall, Jinzi Li.

R3: Prettly good left hook by Feitosa, about all she does. Li Jinzi still the better fighter. 8-5

R4: Hot damn, here comes Feitosa. Good grief, where was that earlier? Doubt she can pull it out, but she tried. Crummy scoring on that round. 19-14 for Jinzi Li.

Edith Ogoke (Nigeria) def. Yelena Vystropova (Azerbaijan), 14-12

R1: wow, effective aggression rules by Ogoke to start. Great uppercut, Ogoke.

R2: More copious aggression by Ogoka. jesus these rounds go fast 4-2 Ogoke, 8-4 overall.

R3: Wrong kind of fighting for the tall girl. Can’t figure out how to use it. Vystropova improving takes the round. 6-3 Vystropova Ogoke still up 1 point.

R4, Vystropova could pull away. Nice right, Ogoke, Aggression back for Ogoke. Comp by Vystropova. Close round. What an ass this ref is. Looks like Vystropova this round, close fight. Nigeria takes it.

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