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Olympic Women's Boxing Recap - Quarterfinals: USA's Esparza and Shields on to Semis

Ireland's Katie Taylor advanced to the semifinals, beating Natasha Jonas of Great Britain in an electrifying lightweight bout in London. (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)
Ireland's Katie Taylor advanced to the semifinals, beating Natasha Jonas of Great Britain in an electrifying lightweight bout in London. (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Flyweight Marlen Esparza and middleweight Claressa Shields of Team USA are both guaranteed medals in women's boxing at the 2012 Olympics in London, as the two won their quarterfinal fights this morning.

Most notable, however, may have been the meeting between Ireland's Katie Taylor and Great Britain's Natasha Jonas in the lightweight division. The location was right, the setting was right, and the audience was absolutely electric, on par with what we've heard for the loudest crowds on the men's side, including Anthony Joshua vs Felix Savon. This was just crazy stuff. already has everything on replay. I definitely recommend you at least find a half hour or so to check out Esparza, Shields, and Taylor vs Jonas.

After the jump, full results, and some recaps from BoxAnne. For a round of 16 recap, click here. We'll have live round-by-round updates and coverage for the quarterfinal matchups at 3:30 p.m. EDT this afternoon, in the men's lightweight, middleweight, and super heavyweight divisions.

Women's Flyweight (112 lbs/51kg)

Ren Cancan (China) def. Elena Savelyeva (Russia), 12-7

1: computer crash. (Note from Scott: I left this in because it reflects the harsh realities of THE BIZ. Computers crash. Then what?)

2: Ren scores inside, she’s a3 time world champion, one of best boxers in the world. Good feet, great countering. Savelyeva scores a couple of good right hands but Ren counters with back hand,

3: Savalyeva also a world champ, but can’t get inside where she belongs due to ren’s countering skills.More good Russion rights, but not enough.

4: Ren mostly coasting center ring, time on her side, Ren’s feet a little like JMM’s, small very effective small moves.

Marlen Esparza (United States) def. Karlha Magliocco (Venezuela), 24-16

1: Esparza flies right in, very, very fast and accurate, really a ray of hope. She bounces, monster energy, right, then left scores, right again, and a left hook by Magliocca meets a check right by Esparza.. Magliocca gets in a great left hook but is just out fought all over the place by the speedy, in and out American girl. 8-4, Esparza.

2: One -two by Esparza to start the round scores, she’s fast,she’s fast, and she’s totally unintimidated. Ducks like Frazier, escapes rights by Magliocca. Another one-two, then a right, Esparzs now up by 14-8.

3. Magliocco gets in a good right, it’s not like she never scores, she’s good too. Fast-paced, wonderful fight, really fun fight. AND USA IS WINNING IT, YES, YES, USA USA USA GO ESPARZA. Magliocco doing a little better her, runs into two straight bombs from Esparza, Esparza beating zMagliocca to the punch like it’s easy..

4: Magliocca going nuts, it’s not helping. Esparza staying out of trouble. Magliocco doubles over Esparza with a left to the belt line, but to no avail, trip to the ropes for headgear fix, I think, Esparza up 19-12. Esparza stays away, wins the fight. YES.

Mary Kom (India) def. Maroua Rahali (Tunisia), 15-6

Nicola Adams (Great Britain) def. Stoyka Petrova (Bulgaria), 16-7

1: missed it, only listened—Adams up 2-1. Adams has beaten Petrova 3 previous times, can’t be helping Petrova’s head much.

2: Righ by Adams, good 1-2, Petrovka gets in a hook, Adams right back at her. Adams keeps her hands low, switches stances with ease. Adams now 5-3, doubles her lead.

3: Adams gets in a lift to the vody, lots of 1-2s, she’s relaxed, confident (why not? she wins against this Bulgarian every time), solid footwork, takes this round as well, now up 11-5. Adams is impressive to watch.

4: One two, one two, one two three, just keeps coming does Adams, then a left hand. Petrova trying, not getting anywhere much, just being outboxed, she’s not as fast, and probably not as strong as Adams. Dramatic hig- speed sequence of one twos drives Petrova all the way back against the corner post. Clear win for Adams, 16-7

Women's Lightweight (132 lbs/60kg)

Katie Taylor (Ireland) def. Natasha Jonas (Great Britain), 26-15

God, this is going to be loud, crowd going nuts, really exciting.

1: Taylor (Ireland’s flag bearer during opening parade) really energetic looking, one-two, one-two, real straight, hard punches, Jonas tries to return shots, does score some. Now hooks by Taylor, misses with a long right hand, Jonas gets in a right hook, a six punch combo doesn’t really score much. Taylor 5-2

2: Jonas holding, there’s a grappling fit here, Taylor slips but is fine. Whoa Jonas snaps Taylor’s head back, her best punch by far. Now a 3 punch combo from Taylor, gets caught by a Jonas right, but not for long—a good straight right by Taylor, and Jonas takes a standing 8.. Jonas getting demoralized, not surprisingly. Nuther Taylor 3 punch combo connects at least once. Close round, 5-5 in spite of standing 8 for Jonas.

3: Taylor takes a right, goes nuts, scores back, to the body, a left from Taylor. Taylor dominating early in the round for sure, she’s a punching machine. Another standing 8 for Jonas, who’s mentally giving up a little, I think. Wow, Taylor’s long straight right connects hard. Jonas gets in a left. Taylor’s fight though, almost all the time Up now 19-11.

* singing in the stands, they’ve been insane throughout

4: Taylor just punching Jonas silly now, up and down, all over the place. Another standing 8 for Jonas. More to the body by Taylor, wins going a way. Standing ovation for fighters, Taylor smiling like a Kennedy, and stupid me, I don’t have the final score ( don’t think it was given, actually) but it’s a clear Taylor win, she’s smiling like a Kennedy thrilled to death. Great fight.

Note From Scott: It was reported that the decibel levels in ExCel during this fight reached 113.7, "equivalent to a jackhammer next to your ear." I watched this one on NBC stream replay -- I can't recommend enough that you do that. It's crazy.

Mavzuna Chorieva (Tajikistan) def. Dong Cheng (China), 13-8

Adriana Araujo (Brazil) def. Mahjouba Oubtil (Morocco), 16-12

Sofya Ochigava (Russia) def. Alexis Pritchard (New Zealand), 22-4

1: Ochigava is the current silver medalist, considered a check hook artist. She’s scoring well at the expense of Pritchard, one of two from New Zealands boxing team, which was all girls. 4-1 Ochigava.

2: Russia still outboxing Pritchard, landing hard, though some were open handed. Left hand ends scoring combo for Ochigava. 8-2 Ochigava now.

3. Ochigava very fast, strong, and accurate. Prictchard is a lot taller, but it’s not helping. Now Pritchard takes a standing 8, Pritchard 13 down end of rnd 3.

4. Hard right by Pritchard, best punch for her, ;but a right knocks her off balance. Right jab, left, Ochigava scores again. Ochigava wins by a huge margin, 22-4

Women's Middleweight (165 lbs/75 kg)

Marina Volnova (Kazakhstan) def. Savannah Marshall (Great Britain), 16-12

1: Inconclusive first 30- seconds, one-two by Marshall, impressive combo by Volnova, still looks even to me. Significant holding by both fighters. Right by Volnova, Marshall answers but misses, more holding, looks like an even round, and it is, 4-4

2: Marshall starting to jab better, more holding, second minute better by Marshall, a good one-two. For a close fight, it’s a boring fight. hard to get into, whole lot of holding going on. Stays even, because nobody’s doing much.7-7

3: Holding. Marshall with a short right scores. She’s using her jab more effectively, but still being smothered by Volnova. Good short right by Marshall gets through. Left hood, right cross, by Marshall. Still boriing, seems to me Marshall just edged Volnova. Crappy scoring, 8-10 Volnova.

4: Marshall with a short left hook, got some good singles as well, Volnova smothering madly. Smothering works, as Volnova takes it 16 – 12, mostly in the last round, didn’t look it to me. An upset, and a badly scored bout to my mind.

Claressa Shields (United States) def. Anna Laurell (Sweden), 18-14

1: Laurell hits first, two strong jabs, then Shields to the body. Fast hands on Shields, but much much shorter than the 6’ tall Swede. Now Shields the aggressor, walking Lauell back, Laurell staying outside. Left hooks to the body by Shiels, but Laurell was scoring with one-twos throughout. Shields down by 2 at end of round.

2: Hard left by Shields, body shot scores, right cross returned. Laurell gets Shields in the corner, but Shields gets ot with a hard right to the body. A Laurell left hook knocks Shields off balance, now another right by Shields. Shields coming on this round. Shields closes up a bit, 7-6 Laurell, still ahead.

3. Shields edges in, more body work, effective punches. great right to the body, left hook to Laurell’s head. More good rights by Shields, she’s really coming alive here. Good right upper cut by Laurell, good shots from outside, gets in some good jabs, but I think Shields took the round. 12-12, Shields closing in.

4: Shields with one-two, right to the body, Laurell takes a standing 8!!!!!! on a left hook. More rights to the body by Shields, who’s 17 years old and fighting a world class, experienced fighter here, and she’s coming from behind to take it away from Sweden, 18-14 Shields!!!!!!! USA USA USA

Li Jinzi (China) def. Mary Spencer (Canada), 17-14

Nadezda Torlopova (Russia0 def. Edith Ogoke (Nigeria), 18-8

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