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Cotto vs Trout: Austin Trout 'Ecstatic' For Breakthrough Opportunity

Southwest Fight News spoke with Las Cruces, New Mexico's own Austin Trout just after his December 1 fight with Miguel Cotto was announced yesterday. Needless to say, Trout is pretty happy with the opportunity. Here's the video, and if you can't watch, there's a transcript, too.

"Huge news that happened today, it was announced that you'll be fighting Miguel Cotto, December 1st, Madison Square Garden, New York. Tell us, how do you feel?"

"Inside, I've been doing backflips all day. It's definitely a dream come true, and a great opportunity to get where I need to be in this boxing game."

"How did the negotiations go down? Was it just your team, being in contact with the Cotto camp? How did that go?"

"Al Haymon made it happen. He put his magic to work and really made it happen. It was definitely a blessing, honestly, Al lined up for me."

"Did you know that there were negotiations going on? How long ago did you know that these talks were actually happening between the two camps?"

"I knew Al had something in store. He kept telling me he's got something good for me. I didn't know to what extent or how big he had it. I knew he had something up his sleeve for I guess a good few weeks."

"So the name Miguel Cotto, did you hear it today for the first time?"

"Yes, sir. It was a big shock to us all. But I tell you what, I'm ready. More ready than Spongebob on his first day at work."

"And how was that news passed on to you? Was it Al that called you?"

"Yeah, he told me."

"This fight is going to take place on HBO. This is the first time you'll be on HBO. So in essence you'll be living two dreams. Fighting a superstar, and fighting on HBO."

"And fighting in the Garden. That's three."

"And fighting in the Garden. Have you ever been to the Garden before?"

"Yeah, I did. Actually a year ago for the Cotto-Margarito fight. And you know, by God's will, he puts me in there a year later in the Garden. I mean, of course, it's never official until the contracts are signed. So until I have that piece of paper in my hand, I'm just gonna stay borderline ecstatic instead of really losing my mind. I don't wanna lose too much energy being ecstatic and then something happens. I'm waiting for that contract, though."

"When you were at the Cotto-Margarito fight, did you envision yourself in that ring?"

"Definitely. I'm definitely a visionary type of person. All I said the whole time was, 'I can't wait 'til I'm in there. I can't 'til I get there.'"

"When it comes to being recognized, this is a huge fight, and it's gonna put you in the national spotlight finally. You have fought in other countries. I believe four of your last fights have been outside the United States. Now here you are, I believe it's your third fight in a row that you're going to be fighting here in the United States. Tell us about the journey, man, finally to get this huge fight."

"It's all in God's time. Maybe He felt like I wasn't ready at that time. But I have no doubt that I'm more than capable of taking this task ahead of me, and to be able to do it in New York, where my family's out of, at Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks play, which I'm a big fan of -- it's definitely a dream come true. A lot of hard work has been put into this. I'm know I'm not done putting in the hard work, but it's nice to see some fruits."

"You were born in the El Paso area, and pretty much grew up there in Las Cruces, just about 30, 40 miles outside of that city. But your family's origins are from New York. Talk about that a little bit."

"My mother, she's from Brooklyn. My dad was born and raised in Brooklyn. She came out here from the Army, so that's how I got stuck here."

"It's a big fight coming up for you against Miguel Cotto. I know you've worked extremely hard for this. Are there any specifics you can give us? When you're singing the contract, or anything else within it? Maybe even who might be on the undercard? Has anything like that been thrown at you?"

"No I don't know anything. To be honest, all I'm worried about is that contract coming in and getting ready for this fight. This is my time. I'm so excited it's going to be on this stage against a superstar and respectable fighter like Cotto. He had his time, and now it's my time. And seriously, big shout-out to Cotto for taking the fight."

"Do you think the belt had a lot to do with it? He's had a strong connection with the WBA before."

"If I didn't have the belt, I'm sure I wouldn't have the fight."

"When Al Haymon was discussing this, did he mention maybe a current world champion or former world champion that you would be facing?"

"(Greg Cohen) texted me, how does Cotto-Trout sound? At first I was like, I don't believe it. And then you know, I talked to him briefly, and he told me that it's done. And I talked to Al shortly afterwards, and I knew it was a wrap. He didn't give me much -- the date, the opponent, and the venue is all I need."

"What was the first word to come out of your mouth when you were told?"

"'Get outta here.' There were a couple bleeps in there."

"You didn't believe it yourself?"

"I didn't believe it."

"Why were you so shocked?"

"Because, you know, there's a lot of talks. He's had a lot of talks before. Never before has something been so tangible."

"So when you saw it on (Cotto's) Twitter feed, what did you think?"

"That's when I thought, this is it, man. This is time for it."

"The hard work is definitely now paying off. December 1st, HBO, Madison Square Garden: Austin 'No Doubt' Trout vs Miguel Cotto for the WBA super welterweight championship. How does that sound, Austin?"

"It sounds great. Sounds like a day I'll be early for."

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