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Chavez Jr vs Martinez Video: HBO Fight Preview

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For a video that only lasts two and a half minutes, this little hype job does a good video of getting across some of the more basic promotional aspects of the bout.

Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. is, of course, the son of a legend. But he chose not to just sit around Mexico and live off his name, instead following in his father's footsteps. And, taking a fight against Sergio Martinez, is now moving past the point of simply taking the easy road in the ring.

The "Martinez had his title taken away so they could give it to the golden boy" angle is an obvious one, but it still works.

Honestly, there's only so much hype needed here. The fight is going to be fantastic, I have very little doubt about that. Chavez is already a superstar, denying that would be crazy. Martinez has been around and has a bit of steam behind his name and his association with the top end of the pound-for-pound lists.

As long as HBO can keep promotional materials simple and appealing, this isn't a hard fight to sell and should do well.

...even if they lose a few viewers because of Canelo vs. Lopez on Showtime.

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